Little Things

After going to a One Direction concert I never knew that Harry would call me to the stage. After the concert I see Harry and the boys more often. Most of this has gotten to media and is changing my life up. Now I'm trying to get a big time record deal and Harry helps. What's happened to my life now? Read to find out more.


7. What?!

Sydney's P.O.V

What?! Why is Harry still here? I'm confused and dizzy. I fell asleep again.

Harry's P.O.V

I woke and Sydney was asleep so I turned on the T.V and sat there all day waiting for her to wake up. I hopped she wasn't in a coma. She woke up and I kissed her.

    ~two months later~

Sydney's P.O.V

I woke up in Harry's arms so happy we then got changed. When Harry only had his shorts on and I had my shirt on we started to make out. Then we got on the bed and Harry took my shirt off, so I took his shorts off. He took off his underwear then my bra and underwear. We had some fun in the bed and after an hour we got into our clothes and went downstairs to eat. We had cereal and stayed in the livingroom with the others whatching T.V.

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