Little Things

After going to a One Direction concert I never knew that Harry would call me to the stage. After the concert I see Harry and the boys more often. Most of this has gotten to media and is changing my life up. Now I'm trying to get a big time record deal and Harry helps. What's happened to my life now? Read to find out more.


9. Twitter attack

Harry's P.O.V

The next day I went downstairs to see Liam and Emma kissing. "Aw!" Opps! "Hey Harry." I left to eat some eggs and bacon. Half way through my meal Sydney came down. "Moring beautiful." She didn't brush her hair but I still thought it looked good. "Hey." "Do you want to go for a walk later in afternoon?" "Yeah." She kinda mumbled when she talked. "Is something wrong babe?" "Yes." "What is it?" She just looked at the floor. "C'mon, Sydney, you can tell me." She started crying. "Sydney." I hugged her. "Harry I just had a horrible dream that the fans killed me because I wouldn't break up with you." She started bawling. I felt horrible. Why wouldn't the fans leave her twitter page? When I looked at her twitter page there was only one good thing about her and the rest were horrible. On twitter I told them to leave her alone shes been through a lot. I hoped things would get better if I said something. We got dressed and ready after that we went for a walk."OMG its Sydney!!!! Can I have your autograph?!?!?" "Sure." I left her to sit somewhere then I saw a knife come out of her hand and Sydney didn't see so ran to her grabbed her arm and ran. The fan started chasing us. She wouldn't stop we got back and she was still on our tail. We shut the door on her and everyone jumped. "Is something wrong?", Liam asked. "There is a fan out there who wants to kill me!", Sydney yelled and started to cry.

Sydney's P.O.V

This fan is hunting me. I just cried. Perrie called the police. The fan was at the door trying to knock it down. After a while she knocked the door down and was trying to stab me so I ran away from her then the boys got knifes and they got infront of me. I was bawling and she stab me in the arm. I fell to the floor. The boys were  trying to get her away from me. After the police came they arrested. I started to see this super bright light. I just wanted to grab it. I looked down and saw my body I was a centimeter above it. OH NO!!!!! I'm dying but I was moving up super slowly. I heard someone yell, "PUNCH IT!!!!!!!!!" By the time I was at the hospital I was was an inch away from my body. Then I went back into my body and was in a coma. I tryed to get myself to remember who everyone was so when I woke up I still remembered.

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