Little Things

After going to a One Direction concert I never knew that Harry would call me to the stage. After the concert I see Harry and the boys more often. Most of this has gotten to media and is changing my life up. Now I'm trying to get a big time record deal and Harry helps. What's happened to my life now? Read to find out more.


6. The Wait

Harry's P.O.V

The boys and girls came and waited with me I sat there and wanted to cry. It was two-thrity AM and they said we could see her. I walked in and I took her hand in mine and kissed her hand, then she woke up. "Harry?" "Sydney?" "Harry someone was gonna murder me. They said,'You're so stupid Harry doesn't love you, hes mine.'" I just sat there with my jaw dropped. Real fans wouldn't do that they would respect her. Who is stupid enough to say that about her? "She got the knife right here." She pulled up her shirt and there were stiches on her stomach. I had to stay with her, I couldn't just let them attack her. "I'm staying with you until you are released. I don't wanna lose you because I love you so much." She smiled then groaned in pain. "Are you alright?", I asked. She started to cough and when she looked at her hand there was blood on it. "What? Is something wrong again?" "No. That's suposed to happen because my body didn't...", she dozed off in my eyes. She was asleep. I got in the other bed and slept.

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