Little Things

After going to a One Direction concert I never knew that Harry would call me to the stage. After the concert I see Harry and the boys more often. Most of this has gotten to media and is changing my life up. Now I'm trying to get a big time record deal and Harry helps. What's happened to my life now? Read to find out more.


1. The Concert

    Sydney's P.O.V                                                                                                                                    Finally I get to go to the concert! Everything is perfect but I don't know if I should wear my pink top that is super bright or my top that says "Rawr means I love you!" with a ton of tiny cute monsters. I chose the top that says "Rawr means I love you!" because its not just a solid colour and it goes with my jeaggings. Besides the pink one makes me look fat. After that I hopped in the shower and sang "Little Things" I couldn't help myself its a good song. After I blow dried my hair I didn't straighten it or curl it I left it natural because natural is beautiful but I did brush it. I put on my clothes and my convesres they have zebra print on it and everyone always compliments on them at school. I got my small brown purse that has sequins on the strap, and put my phone, iTouch, money, and a photo of them that I printed out. It was time to go to the concert.

While I was going through security with my sister, Emma, her friend, Riley, and my friend, Katie, I saw the boys walking to their dressing room they all stopped to see us. I pulled out my picture of them so they could sign it. Harry signed it first. Harry asked me,"What's your name babe?" I replied,"Sydney."  "What a beautiful name", he told me.  "Thanks", I said. "Before I go, what's your last name Sydney?", Harry asked. I sighed. "Don't laugh because most people do and I'm not making it up. My last name is Ham", I felt so embaressed. "That's just a little thing. I won't laugh. People would bully me about my name, too." When he said that I felt so much better about myself.

         Harry's P.O.V

I felt like such a fool. I never told anyone about this but it felt so right. After we left I was telling the boys about the conversation. "Why didn't you tell us people bully you about your name?" Louis asked. "Because you guys wouldn't get it not like her she has been through it", I replied. Paul walked in he said,"Boys concert starts in 5."

We left and started our concert. After all but two of our songs I told the crowd,"Now we're gonna do something different so be careful of what you do." I sat down on my swing and we got lifted up and music started playing and we were singing Live While We're Young. While we did this we all looked around for a girl we liked. I saw where Sydney was sitting I was right above where she was sitting and I moitioned for them to go down and I let her on my swing,

After the song we all had a girl and sang our new song Little Things to them.When we finished the concert was over so we did some requests from fans on twitter. After that I asked Sydney to go out with me infront of everyone she said and was crying with tears of joy and hugged me.

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