Little Things

After going to a One Direction concert I never knew that Harry would call me to the stage. After the concert I see Harry and the boys more often. Most of this has gotten to media and is changing my life up. Now I'm trying to get a big time record deal and Harry helps. What's happened to my life now? Read to find out more.


5. Injury

Sydney's P.O.V

I started sleep-running and fell down the stairs yelling, "I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" I woke up a few mintues later at the bottom of the stairs and said,"Why am I down here?" They all said,"You ran down here yelling I got it, I got it." I was just confused. Then I tried to get up and screamed in pain. Evryone ran to me then Harry ran downstairs. "What's wrong, Sydney?" "I think I broke my ancle," I said while crying. They took me to the hosptail and my ancle and leg was broken. I couldn't stop crying because they kept on touching it to feel where they got broken. they gave me a cast and ametheia because I was crying too much. When I woke up Harry was asleep in a chair next to me. "Harry?" "Sydney!" he got excited. "What time is it?" "Its two in the morning." "Okay. I'm gonna sleep some more." "Can I lay with you and maybe sleep? Because this chair is uncomfortable." "Come on in."

Harry's P.O.V

I'm so happy!!!!! After we slept the doctor woke us up. He came in to check on her. She asked,"Why do I have a cast?" "You broke your leg and ancle", he replied. I texted everyone to come back Sydney is awake. When they came they had some hashbrown sticks for me and Sydney from What-a-burger. We ate and hung out. "When can Sydney be released?" "Maybe tonight." After a while I had to leave so I kissed her and left. I was sad. after it changed to night I went to the hosptail and went to see what room she was in again. the girl at the desk told me,"She can't be seen right now she having another oppration. Why don't you go wait in the waiting room." "Okay", I said sadly. I called the boys and said," Guys Sydney is having another oppration."

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