Something I wish I could Forget

My name is Hannah. I an 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I am nothing like an ordinary girl. I grew up faster and more resourceful then all the other kids my age. You have to when you grew up like I did.


5. Why me?

l I keep asking myself. But why did God put me in this house? What did I ever do to deserve to be here? Why? Just why? 


I am still in the clutches of the man that put the scars on my back and the emotional scars left on my mind. For weeks and weeks after kyle died i cried and cried. Of course I was punished and beat to exhaustion but I couldn't feel anything. I was completely numb from all physical feeling. Every time I tried to think I just couldn't forget Kyle. He was my little piece of sanity in this crazy world.  I still remembered Daryn and everything he told me. Daryn loved to mentally torture me. He would remind me every day that Kyle was gone and never coming back. I lost track of time while I was with him. My parents thought I had died with Kyle and there is a nice little headstone and an empty coffin with my name on it. For months and months nobody knew I was still alive and living in a personal hell with Daryn as the devil. For years now, years with Daryn as a toy, a plaything, I missed my family and I missed my friends. I can say I only hate one person. One person in this entire world, and his name is Daryn Henry Relhiam. 


"Hannah baby, Guess what today is?" Are you kidding me? Seriously it has been 10 years, 1 month, and 7 days since Kyle died and you're going to joke about it again? I am really starting to hate him even more than I already did. I didn't think that was even possible, but me flattering him replied, "No what day is it today?". "Oh Hannah Baby you should know! Its July 16! Your 15th birthday!" He called to me. Oh great thats what I needed a reminder that I have been held captive for 11 years now. "oh really?" I just said. "Baby don't be like that! Come on we are gonna have some fun!" Yeah your definition of fun is a lot different than mine. Well I already knew what he had planned but i really wanted nothing to do with it. But he has complete control of me. Everything I do, everyone I see, everything I even say. He is the devil. There is no guess in it. He is the devil. Why do I have to put up with him? Why did God put me in this situation? Does God even care? Its like he created my worst childhood nightmare and put me into it. I swear Daryn is the Devil creator of my personalized hell of 11 years. I think I would have rather died with kyle and had my young barley scared body in that tiny little casket in the ground than my body covered in scars and still being alive in a living hell.

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