Something I wish I could Forget

My name is Hannah. I an 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I am nothing like an ordinary girl. I grew up faster and more resourceful then all the other kids my age. You have to when you grew up like I did.


4. Why Didn't they help

Walking like a cowered out of my little white room. Who's out there?, Why did Daryn let me out?, How long was I in there?.  I kept asking my self, over and over I just asked myself. Walking into the living room I hear several voices talking at once. Nothing loud enough to make out with my little ears. "Hannah, I know your out there get in here girl" Daryn yelled out. I slowly opened the living room door and walked in. 

In the living room sat Daryn, Animal, Little Man, and 2 police officers. I slowly walked through the room and towards Daryn. As I got a little closer and close enough so that he could reach out to touch me, he picked me up and set me on his lap. "Now that everyone is here would you like to tell us why you are here" Daryn said addressing the officers. "Well I am so sorry to be the one to break the news but Kyle is dead. He died from crashing into the broad side of a semi with his motorcycle going at neck breaking speeds."

Silence fell for the first time that night. Taking a big chance I jumped right out of Daryn's lap and took off at a full sprint out the front door.  The cold air bit at my exposed skin. I hear the officers running behind me to catch me before I run to far. I lead them down the street and around the corner. After we lost sight of the house I slowed down enough so the officers could catch up. "Girl what are you doing?" the one asked me. "I needed to talk to you but Daryn wouldn't let me with him still in the house so I had to take a chance." I told him. "Why wouldn't he let you talk to us?" the male said again. I told him truthfully everything that happened since Kyle left. After I got done explaining to the officer he grabbed me and ushered me back to my house. We walked through the front door and Daryn came straight up to me and picked me up. I looked up at the officer silently asking him to help me. But he just walked away and left me there in the clutches of the man now known to me as the creator of hell.

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