Something I wish I could Forget

My name is Hannah. I an 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I am nothing like an ordinary girl. I grew up faster and more resourceful then all the other kids my age. You have to when you grew up like I did.


3. What He Did to Me

Burning pain across my face. It took a moment for me to realize what had happened. Daryn had hit me. Over and over again until my face is bruised and bloody, until I passed out from the pain. Daryn had beat me for the first time that night. He beat me for whatever reason he wanted and when ever he wanted. Days passed by in blurs, who knows how long I was beaten broken and bloody. By now I know the room I am in a little to well. With its white walls and white carpet it was more like a mental asylum then a room. But now the white carpet it stained with blood and the sheets are ripped. Then there is me still lying on the ripped sheets waiting for Kyle to miss me. Finally after what seemed like years Daryn came back to my room and untied me from the bed. He handed me some new clothes, then just left me there to think. What is going on?, Where is Kyle?, What is going to happen to me?, I miss my family?, Does my family even know where I am?, I can't find the answer to any of these questions until I get enough guts to dress and walk out of my prison. Slowly I unfolded and laid out all of the cloths to see what Daryn gave to me. A black shirt with green righting that said "B*ch Be warned", and pair of boy's blue jeans where in the stack. So I took my time and got dressed. I slowly walked out of my prison and into the great unknown.

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