Face The Music (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry and Tia are two different people in two different worlds. But not when they meet. A secret will threaten to tear them apart. Will Harry face the music, or will he risk losing the girl he loves?

(This is for mature people only. It has a few descriptive scenes)


1. The Awkward Meeting

Tia's POV: As I locked the door, I noticed that my key got stuck. Damn it, I thought, as I turned around. I felt myself collide with something, it was in such a blur that I didn't see what it was. I fell backwards onto the floor, and I landed on my ass. As I looked up, I saw a boy standing in front of me, who I recognized as Harry Styles. He looked clearly embarrassed, as he held out his hand to help me up. I smiled, just to assure him I was ok.

Harry's POV: I didn't realize that I had run into her. I just happened to be walking by, and not watching where I was going, and then suddenly, I see this really beautiful girl sitting flat on her ass in front of me. The least I could do was help her up, so I held out my hand, and also to apologise.

Tia's POV: As he lifted me up, I saw his muscles flex tightly. He was really strong. I took a moment to check him out, but only while he wasn't looking. His cream coloured pants were worn really low, which showed the start of his v-line. He had a plain black tee, and his hair was gelled up. He looked really hot. I was more attracted to him in person than I ever had been looking at pics of him and the One Direction boys. I must have been staring, because he followed my gaze. I quickly looked away, feeling quite embarrassed.

Harry's POV: As I pulled her up, I saw her checking me out. I kinda wanted to do the same to her, but I didn't. I followed her gaze, down to the bulge in my pants. I felt smug, as she looked away, blushing like crazy.

Tia's POV: I decided to ask for help, I mean after all, he was here. "Hi, I locked my key in my door..... can I borrow a phone please?" I began, the embarrassment slowly fading away. "Yeah sure," Harry replied, looking smug as hell.

Harry's POV: "Hi, I locked my key in my door..... can I borrow a phone please?" She asked me, it seemed like her embarrassment was fading away. "Yeah sure," I replied, deciding to let her inside my apartment.

Tia's POV: As he opened up the door, I took a deep breath. When I walked in, I searched for a phone. "Here we go," Harry said, handing me the phone. I smile with thanks, and I made my call. I turned to leave, but he grabbed my arm. "Hey, do you want to come over for lunch at twelve?" he asked. "Sure," I replied, as he opened the door to say his goodbyes. "Cool, I will see you at lunch then," He said, and I smiled in return. I walked out into the hallway, and I was gone.

Harry's POV: I opened the door to welcome her in. She looked as if she was looking for the phone, so I grabbed it and handed it to her. She smiled her thanks, and made her call. When she finished, she was about to leave, when I knew I had to take a chance. "Hey, do you want to come over for lunch at twelve?" I asked. "Sure," She replied. I opened the door to let her out. "Cool, I will see you at lunch then," I said. She smiled in return. She walked out into the hallway, and she was gone.
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