Face The Music (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry and Tia are two different people in two different worlds. But not when they meet. A secret will threaten to tear them apart. Will Harry face the music, or will he risk losing the girl he loves?

(This is for mature people only. It has a few descriptive scenes)


3. Is Sorry Enough

Tia's POV: I felt bad enough about Harry, so I decided to come around to his place at around six, so that we could have tea, and maybe watch a movie. On my way home from the car dealership, I rented out Love Actually, Harry's favourite movie, and I picked up some Macca's. I quickly showered when I got home, and put on my favourite black dress, and some black high heel lace up boots, and I curled the ends of my hair. I grabbed the Macca's and the movie, and I knocked on his door. When he opened up the door, he looked quite suprised. I could see he was unprepared; he was standing there with no top on. I saw him looking all over my chest, and he stopped at one certain area. "Uh, Harry, my eyes are up here," I said, and he slowly came back to meet my eyes. He pulled me inside, and sat me at the table. We ate in silence, but when we had finished, I pulled the movie out of my handbag. He smiled, and leaned in to kiss me. This time I knew there would be no interruptions, so I kissed him tenderly back. After our moment of love, he put the movie in the DVD player, and he grabbed a blanket from the linen cupboard. He laid down on the couch, and beckoned me onto him. I laid down, and buried my head on his chest. He wrapped the warm blanket around us, and he started to kiss my neck. At the end of the movie, he was asleep, so I turned off the tv, and snuggled back into him.

Harry's POV: I was just chilling on the couch when I heard a knock on the door. I suspected it might be Louis to talk about a new song for our new album, but instead, it was Tia. She had this beautiful black dress on, and her hair was flowing down her back, with curls on the end. I stared at her chest, and all she said was "Uh Harry, my eyes are up here," She bought in Macca's, and we sat down and ate it together. I thought she was going to go, but then she pulled out Love Actually from her handbag, and I just wanted to kiss her. The fact she would do something so nice for me, just because of what happened earlier, made me want to thank her, in a special way. As I leaned in for a kiss, I knew it was the right girl. I knew I had found love again, and nothing could take Tia from me. I pulled away and put the DVD in the player. I laid back on the couch, and tried to tempt her to lay on me. I mean, I was shirtless; of course she would. And she did. She buried her head in my chest, and I laid on my side, kissing her neck. Around halfway through the movie, I became tired and fell asleep.
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