Face The Music (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry and Tia are two different people in two different worlds. But not when they meet. A secret will threaten to tear them apart. Will Harry face the music, or will he risk losing the girl he loves?

(This is for mature people only. It has a few descriptive scenes)


5. I Can't Let Go

Tia's POV: I had a shower, but I decided to get some stuff from the bakery to suprise him, before I went to his place. It was my first time in my car, since I picked it up. I was ok driving it, even though I had only just gotten my lisence. I was driving great, until a guy started tailgating me in a truck. I was freaking out, but as I tried to change lanes, He swerved, and hit my car, sending me flying through the dashboard. All I saw was glass. Everything went black.

Harry's POV: I was wondering what took her so long, so I decided to knock on her door. She didn't answer, so I called her mobile. She didn't answer. I decided to go looking for her, because I was freaking out. I thought maybe she was getting something for brekky, so I went outside, and hopped in my car. I was driving for five minutes, and then everything went wrong. Her car was smashed on the back, and she was being wheeled off in an ambulance bed. "What happened to her?!" I asked the paramedic, my heart sinking. "Sorry mate, If you are a reporter, I can't talk to you yet," the paramedic replied. "I am not a reporter. This girl is my girlfriend," I said to the paramedic. "Ok then," He began. "The truck behind us apparently was tailgating her, and she was changing lanes, and he swerved, crashing into her," My heart sank, I could feel tears forming in my eyes. There was a barrier around the site of the crash, but I jumped it, and I sprinted to her. I knew everyone would try catch me, so I tried to say what I could before they did. "Tia, please don't die.... I love you,". Sure enough, police came to hold me back. "Come see her in hospital mate," one of the policeman said. "You can ride in the ambulance,". As I hopped in, I sat right next to her, and I stroked her face contently the whole way to the hospital.
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