Face The Music (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry and Tia are two different people in two different worlds. But not when they meet. A secret will threaten to tear them apart. Will Harry face the music, or will he risk losing the girl he loves?

(This is for mature people only. It has a few descriptive scenes)


4. Everything Is Right

Tia's POV: When I woke, Harry was sleepily rubbing my back. I was laying sideways on the couch, with him laying behind me. When he realized I was awake, he leaned over me, and started kissing at my jaw, and I rolled over, and took his head in my hands, kissing him passionately. When I pulled away, he looked sad, but I got up anyway. I decided to go home, have a shower, and then come back for breakfast. I told him my plan, and he kissed me again, this time it was ardent; but not urgent. "Bye Harry," I said, grabbing my bag, and heading out the door.

Harry's POV: I had woken slightly before Tia, so I began rubbing her back. She woke, and I leant over her, and I started to kiss at her jaw. She rolled over, pulling my head towards her, and she kissed me passionately. She pulled away, and I made a sad face in one last attempt to keep her with me, but yet, she got up. She told me she would go home, and come back for breakfast. I decided to kiss her, one last time, and she kissed me back. "Bye Harry," she said, before grabbing her bag and leaving.
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