Face The Music (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry and Tia are two different people in two different worlds. But not when they meet. A secret will threaten to tear them apart. Will Harry face the music, or will he risk losing the girl he loves?

(This is for mature people only. It has a few descriptive scenes)


2. 12:00 Sharp

Tia's POV: As I went to knock on his door, I took a deep breath, and conveyed my nerves. I looked down at my outfit choice, black high waist skinnys, white singlet, and beige lace up heel boots. My outfit choices were usually simple, unless I was on a date, but this was just casual. Or so I thought. As he opened up the door, I saw he was almost trying to look neater as well, white tee, teamed with black straight legs and deep blue canvas sneakers. I saw how his jeans were sitting right around his hips, clearly just hanging on. "Hi," He stuttered before taking my hand and leading me inside. We walked into the kitchen, and I put my bag on the bench. "So, did you get your keys back, and your apartment?" He asked, leaning down, to grab a pot from a bench under the sink. "Uh yeah, I did," I replied absent mindly, leaning over the bench. He looked over at me, smiling, and he went around me to pull up a chair from the table. "Thanks," I said, and he smiled back even broader. "So, are the magical elves coming to cook for us today?" I asked, trying to stifle a laugh. He raised his eyebrows, before bursting out laughing. "Uh no," He replied. "Just the usual," He gave me a small wink, and I could feel my cheeks burning. He started to fill the pot with minced meat, and he put it over the stove. Then, he got out a chopping board and he started to chop up tomatoes and he put them in a small bowl. He looked very focused, and each time he would drop something, he would groan. I could tell he was trying hard to impress me. "Making tacos isn't as easy as it looks," He groaned, pulling a packet of grated cheese from the fridge.

About ten minutes later, we were sitting at the table, stuffing our faces full of tacos. Once we had both finished, we just sat in silence for a few seconds, before Harry started to pat his belly. "Man, I think I ate way too much," He said. "Oh well, at least you can cook," I replied. He smiled, and put his head in hands. I patted his arm, and stroked it gently. He looked up, with tears in his eyes, and he cupped my hands in his. He leant over the table, and I did too. I closed my eyes, as I felt his lips touch mine. My phone went off on a reminder, and I groaned. He pulled back, looking unsure. "I forgot that I have to go and pick up my new car," I said, and I pushed back m chair from the table. Harry got up as well, and he showed me to the door. "I am so sorry," I said, and he gave me a weak smile. As I walked out the hallway, I knew I had to make it up to him. But how?

Harry's POV: When I opened the door, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful she looked. I hoped to god I looked as good to her as what she did to me. I decided to ask if she had her keys and apartment back. "Uh yeah, I did," She replied. She leant over the bench, and I thought to myself, she might be more comfortable in a chair. I went over, and pulled out one for her to sit on. "Thanks," she said, and she smiled, making me smile too. "So are the magical elves coming to cook for us today?" She asked, and I couldn't help but laughing. She joined in too, and soon I had started to prepare the food. Whenever I would drop something, I would groan. I was trying not to muck up, but I did anyway. "Making tacos isn't as easy as it looks," I groaned.

Soon we were eating the tacos at the dining table. I was patting my belly once we had finished. "I think I ate way too many tacos," I groaned. "Oh well, at least you can cook," she replied. That made me cry, because that's what my ex used to say all the time, before she died. She put an arm on my shoulder in sympathy, and she rubbed it gently. I decided to take a chance, and I leant in to kiss her. She kissed back, but just as our lips touched, I heard her phone go off. Great timing! She sighed, and explained how she had to pick up her new car. I felt disappointed as she walked out the door.

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