Harley is a 12-year-old girl who loves a certain band called One Direction. But what would happen if she actually got to meet them, become friends, get their numbers, and also get to go on tour with them?! She can't wait toget started! Nial and her become super close and they think nothing could ever separate them. Or, could there be? Read to find out! *they are only are friends in this! btw!!!*


1. Coffee Run

Hi, I'm Harley. My best friends are Kenna, Gemma and Lottie. No, not Gemma Styles and Lottie Tomlinson, it's Gemma Brown and Lottie McCreery. Gemm has blonde hair and blue-green eyes while Kenna and Lottie have brown hair and deep purple-blue eyes. I have brown-gold eyes and red-orange hair with yellow and hot pink streaks. My aunt, Ruthina or 'Ru', works at Starbucks and her sister works at Walmart, which is a big advantage for me because i get all the magazines they take out of stock. I walked into the shop and sat in a booth with a box full to the brim with magazines. I pulled out a J-14 mag and flipped to a fashion article. What, girls need their tips! I heard the bell on the door tink but gave no thought to it. The girls were all on summer vacay, while i was spending my summer watching football and playing sports with the guys from school, and hanging out here reading magazines when we couldn't go swimming. *tap tap tap* i looked up to meet a pair of sweet blue eyes. "Hello love. What's a little girl like you sitting here by yourself?" his accent was British, defs not from here. "Actually, i'm just waiting for my friends to get here. What's a Britt like you doing in North Carolina?" i questioned. He smiled and flicked his brown hair to the side. "Me and my friends are on a holiday. I'm Louis, by the way. What's your name, love?" he sounded sweet. I feel like i know him from somewhere.. "I'm Harley. And surprizingly, i have a cat named Louie. *giggles* i call him 'Fat Louie', from my friends favorite movie. The Princess Diaries." he laughed. We talked for a bit and four other guys came up. "Lou, come on we have to- who's this, Lou?" a blonde asked. Wait.....Oh...Emm...Gee... One Direction.. "Hey, Harley. Do you want to come hang out with us later? Play some Wii, swim, watch some movies. What do you say?" Louis look hopeful and happy. "Umm.....sure! Definatally! But let me just ask this...what movies are we watching?" the boys erupted in a chorus of 'yeahs' and 'yes!'-es. This was going to be a long and fun day...

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