"And who should I make this out to?" asked Harry. His eyes looked up from the picture and he felt himself freeze. "Aurora Ann Life," she said smiling, her honey gold eyes staring straight into his soul. "You're not...you're not alive," he whispered. "You're wrong," she whispered back, leaning over the table. He turned to tell the others, that Rori was back, but when he looked to where she was standing...she was gone.

Rori Ann Life, was One Direction's life. But she died in a car crash. She was dead. She had been dead for two years now.

But now Harry keeps seeing her everywhere.
Aurora was back...but the question was: HOW?


4. You're...You're not alive

Chapter 4

Harry smiled at girls who giggled and smiled back as they pushed their pictures of One Direction forwards.

"I swear if one more girl screams..." threatened Louis, whispering into Harry's ear. He smiled as another girl screamed. They both groaned quietly.

"Hello, love," said Harry looking at the pale hand who pushed the picture forward, "Now, who should I make this out to?" He signed his name with flourish and looked up.

"Aurora Ann Life," said the girl, her gold eyes staring straight into his soul.

"You're...you're not alive," hissed Harry, not looking away from her. She smiled as she leaned forward towards him. Her face changed.

"You're wrong," she said bringing chills to Harry's skin. Harry tapped Louis' shoulder and then looked over at him to show him and the others that Rori was really back! But when Louis and him looked back, she was gone. But the picture was still there... So it wasn't his imagination...


"Then what was it?" asked Liam.

"I don't know," cried Harry throwing up his arms. He had just told the others and showed them the picture. Zayn was scrunitizing the picture as they went into their house.

"Are you sure that it was--?"

"Yes! It was just a random picture that I DIDN'T HAVE and that I signed but she...disappeared!"

"Where?" asked Louis.

"I don't know! She just... up and left."

"Dead people don't just up and leave, Harry," said Niall. He turned on the kitchen light and froze.

"I know that. But I'm saying maybe she's not dead!"

"We saw her body...and it was definitely DEAD," said Zayn. Harry glared at him.

"No, you guys are right," said a chime-like voice, "Dead people don't just up and leave."

They all turned their heads towards the voice. Niall was shaking like a leaf as the rest of them paled as if they had just seen a ghost.

"But the thing is boys," Rori said walking around the kitchen table, a smile playing on her lips, "Maybe I was never dead."



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