"And who should I make this out to?" asked Harry. His eyes looked up from the picture and he felt himself freeze. "Aurora Ann Life," she said smiling, her honey gold eyes staring straight into his soul. "You're not...you're not alive," he whispered. "You're wrong," she whispered back, leaning over the table. He turned to tell the others, that Rori was back, but when he looked to where she was standing...she was gone.

Rori Ann Life, was One Direction's life. But she died in a car crash. She was dead. She had been dead for two years now.

But now Harry keeps seeing her everywhere.
Aurora was back...but the question was: HOW?


10. You Can't Trust Her


"What?" asked Harry, letting her words sink in. 

"She's not me. I mean, she is, but she isn't. Harry, you can't trust me," she said quickly. 

"Rori... what do you mean 'she's not me'?"

"I mean, the girl who's been living here, the girl who looks like me and acts like me...she's not me!" 

"Then who is she?" asked Harry. Rori stopped and stared at him, but she wasn't. She seemed to be staring at something else. 

"I've said too much already," she said, her words choked.

"Rori?" Harry asked, touching her arm. She was cold...ice cold. Harry quickly took back his hand in surprise. Rori met his eyes.

"I have to go," she said, her golden eyes full of tears, "I'm so sorry Harry."

"Sorry? Sorry for what?" 

"Just remember what I said, remember, okay?" asked Rori, taking his warm hands into her cold ones. Her skin looked silver in the moonlight. 

"Remember--Rori, what's going on??"

'You. Can't. Trust. Her." she said through gritted teeth. Then she sighed and looked down at the floorboards before meeting Harry's green eyes. They still took her breath away, even in this state.

"You can't trust me either," she whispered. She leaned forward and softly kissed his nose.

"I love you Harry, no matter what happens, we'll be together again, okay?" Then he saw her hands come up, and then all Harry could see was black.


"Were you drinking last night?" questioned Liam as Harry cradled his head in his hand.

"I don't know. I don't remember," groaned Harry, drinking the concoction Liam prepared for him, making a face at the taste.

"You probably were so drunk... I know you care for Rori--" Rori? That name brought back something. But only one. You. Can't. Trust. Her. 

"--But she'll come back when she's ready. Most likely, she'll come back this morning. She never can be mad at you for long," Liam chuckled affectionately and a little bit sadly. Because he knew that Rori loved Harry as much as Harry loved her... There was no room for another. Except, maybe Louis. Liam looked at Harry and Harry's eyes were wide.

"Liam... I remember something. It has to do with Rori. She told me...or someone else told me... Liam, we can't--"

"I'M HOOOOOME!" yelled Rori, entering the house, cutting Harry's sentence off in the process. She came into the kitchen and sat down across from Harry. 

"Okay, I know we both said some things that we regret, right? So, I'll be the bigger person here...and I'll forgive you," said Rori, smiling a little. Harry glared back at her and didn't say anything.

"Or...not...?" she asked more than said as she stood up, her face hurt at the way Harry was throwing daggers at her. 

"Rori!" cried Louis, entering the kitchen, his blue eyes bright and excited. He hugged Rori, for a bit longer than necessary. So naive, so trusting. 

"Rori, were you in my room last night?" asked Harry. Rori looked confused but her eyes spoke of murder.

"No...I haven't been home at all... I was just staying over one of my friend's house."

"Friend?" questioned Harry. 

"Yeah... While I was 'dead'," she put air quotes around the word, "I made a couple of friends here and there."

"Would one of those friends be your cousin by any chance?" asked Harry, his headache subsiding at the sight of Rori. She glared at him as she flipped her golden blonde hair over one tanned shoulder.

"No. My cousin is dead, Harry. I was just paranoid back then. He was my boogeyman, my monster under the bed. So forget about my cousin," she said, putting more force than necessary on the last sentence. Harry stood up.

"But you were dead...and now you're here."

"Are we really having this argument again, Harry? Really? Are you going to accuse me of murdering everyone now?" 

"No, I just want to--"

"You know what, Harry? You have gotten real paranoid lately. I'm not the monster here, okay? I'm Rori. RORI," she sounded like she was reassuring herself of that, "Your best friend!" she seemed to be in hysterics. Harry softened. But he kept remembering the words that were burned into his brain. You. Can't. Trust. Her.

"No, no I'm sorry, Rori. Really, I'm sorry. I'm just confused is all... I'll just drop it," assured Harry, coming around the table and bringing her into an embrace. Rori wrapped her arms around him, but they felt like stone. She looked up at Harry and smiled.

"Let's not talk about this anymore, okay?" she said, but there was a hint of demand. Harry nodded his head slowly and forced a smile on his face.

Who was this girl he was hugging? And where was Rori? 


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