"And who should I make this out to?" asked Harry. His eyes looked up from the picture and he felt himself freeze. "Aurora Ann Life," she said smiling, her honey gold eyes staring straight into his soul. "You're not...you're not alive," he whispered. "You're wrong," she whispered back, leaning over the table. He turned to tell the others, that Rori was back, but when he looked to where she was standing...she was gone.

Rori Ann Life, was One Direction's life. But she died in a car crash. She was dead. She had been dead for two years now.

But now Harry keeps seeing her everywhere.
Aurora was back...but the question was: HOW?


2. Gone

Chapter 2


"Happy Birthday!" cried Niall happily, bringing out their own cake that they bought for him. He smiled.

"Thanks guys," he said smiling. They sang him happy birthday and he closed his eyes to make a wish: I wish Aurora was back. The same one every year.

As they ate the birthday cake, the conversation led, inevitably, to Rori.

"How old would she be now?" asked Niall.

"Seventeen," Louis and Harry said automatically, simultaneously. They looked at each other and then looked away. Zayn laughed.

"If she was still alive, she'd be so pissed that we are all able to drink and she's not," laughed Zayn, taking another bite from his cake. Niall and Liam laughed with him.

"She would wouldn't she? But then she'd just make Harry go and get her some so she could try it," teased Liam. Harry cracked a smile.

"He'd do it too," said Niall, lightly pushing Harry. Harry rolled his eyes.

"If she was still alive, and she told me to do that, I would not! She's not the boss of me!"

"And then she'd say, 'I so am. Admit it, not-so-tough-guy!'" said Louis, imitating her voice. They all started laughing. And then it quickly faded.

"If she was still alive," whispered Niall. They all stared solemnly at their slices of cake.

"Um, I'm going to bed," said Niall. You could hear in his voice that he was about to cry. He didn't even finish half of his cake. Zayn looked up and then followed him.

"Sorry Louis," whispered Zayn, patting his back. Louis just shrugged. Did he mind that his birthday had become the day to mourn Rori? Sure. But he understood it, and didn't hate anyone for it. Louis thanked Harry and Liam for the cake and then wandered up to his own room.

"Well, that goes our attempt to try and make this day about Lou," said Liam, sadly. Harry nodded, helping Liam with the dishes.

"We all have to let go at some point," whispered Liam looking out the window at the moon. He looked over at Harry, "We can't go on like this."

"I can't let go. I can never let go of her," whispered Harry, looking away from Liam.

"We all loved her, Harry..." Harry sighed, choking back the tears.

No, he wouldn't cry again over the death of Rori. He spent too many seconds, minutes, hours, crying over her.


Louis closed his bedroom door.

"I'm so sorry, Louis," whispered a very familiar voice. Louis jumped and turned around, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Rori?" he asked as if he were a small child. He sat down next to her, not taking his eyes off of her, afraid she was going to disappear. She lifted her head out of her hands, mascara stained tears dripping off of her face.

"Louis, I'm so sorry. I...They all are thinking about me instead of you. I've ruined your day of birth," she whispered.

"Rori! Don't ever say that! You didn't ruin anything, you can't ruin anything ever. You're perfect, so perfect," whispered Louis, his voice breaking. Rori smiled at him and reached her hand to wipe the tears that fell out of his blue eyes. But then she left her hand there, and he could feel her. The warmth. He could smell her: like sunshine, flower petals, and the rain.

"I love you. I've always loved you," he whispered.

"Louis...you know I love you," she said. Then Louis blinked his eyes, and the warmth from her hand was gone.

She was gone.



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