"And who should I make this out to?" asked Harry. His eyes looked up from the picture and he felt himself freeze. "Aurora Ann Life," she said smiling, her honey gold eyes staring straight into his soul. "You're not...you're not alive," he whispered. "You're wrong," she whispered back, leaning over the table. He turned to tell the others, that Rori was back, but when he looked to where she was standing...she was gone.

Rori Ann Life, was One Direction's life. But she died in a car crash. She was dead. She had been dead for two years now.

But now Harry keeps seeing her everywhere.
Aurora was back...but the question was: HOW?


5. Different

Chapter 5

"Rori?" asked Liam, looking like he was about to collapse onto the floor in fear and relief. She struck a pose and stuck out her tongue.

"In the flesh," she smiled.

"You look older," speculated Niall.

"Well, it is almost my eighteenth birthday," she said.

"No! You can't be alive! It isn't possible! We SAW your dead body! We saw you dead! We saw you being buried!" cried Zayn frantically, his brown eyes wild and mad.

"Zayn," hushed Liam, putting a calming hand on his shoulder. He only slightly calmed down, because Rori was still standing there.

"No, you're right. You did see my dead body," she said, her golden eyes looking amused.

"What?" asked Harry, taking a step back.

"No, really. I was dead. But now I'm back. I'm better, now. He fixed me," said Rori, her voice going child-like.

"Who fixed you?" asked Louis. Rori broke out of whatever trance she was in and smiled a playful smile.

"Spoilers," she said. She slipped past Harry, her arm brushing against his as she looked at the ceiling. The gesture gave him goosebumps. She was warm! She wasn't a dead body! She was alive...

"Do you guys have a bedroom for me, yet?" she asked, turning to look at us. The chandelier making a angelic glow around her. She cocked her head and smiled.

"Uh... no... There's a guest bedroom though," said Liam, shaking himself out of his stuper. She smiled and then skipped up the stairs.

"Rori...is alive?'

"How is that possible?"

"I just want to know who HE is!"

"But...she's alive!"

"She's vibrant and herself."

"She's even better in real life than in my memories..."


Everyone erupted into questions and dream-like comments.

"You guys!" Harry cried. They looked over at him, "Who cares how she's alive or how it's possible or who HE is! She's alive; she's here; she's BACK! Louis' birthday wish finally came true. Let's just be grateful for however long it lasts..."

"Whoa... Harry being deep... new concept," joked Louis. Niall erupted into laughter as Louis just smiled goofily. They all turned their heads toward the ceiling.

"She's back..." someone sighed.


"What's for breakfast?" cried a cheery voice, stepping into the kitchen. They all jumped slightly and looked over at the girl who they thought for two years now, was dead, but who looked fairly alive in their kitchen.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well, you see Rori, we go out for breakfast...most of the time," said Harry. She rolled her eyes.

"Then what are we waiting for?" she asked, a smile on her face.

"Well...Rori... You see," Harry looked at the others for help.

"Everyone thinks you're dead," said Zayn not looking up from the book that he was reading. Rori paused and then rolled her eyes, taking a seat at the table.

"Thanks, Zayn. Nice way of putting it," she teased. Zayn lifted his head and flashed her a smile. Wait, since when were THEY friends?

"But you guys don't have to worry about that. Everyone who knew that I was dead, is already dead."

"What do you mean? Your parents aren't dead," said Harry. She blinked her golden eyes.

"Yes they are." Liam turned on the telly, not really paying attention to the conversation. Suddenly his jaw dropped as he turned up the volume. Everyone looked at Rori a bit warily.

"Last night, police discovered two bodies in their apartment. They have been identified as John and Becky Life. They seemingly, both, had suffered from a spontaneous heart attack at the same exact time, down to the last millisecond. Police are investigating this as a possible new technique of murder. We'll be back after the break," said the reporter. They started playing some dramatic music as they panned away and faded to the commercial. Liam turned off the telly.

"Your parents are dead," whispered Harry, horrified. She popped a grape into her mouth.


"But...how?" She just shrugged.

"So, are we going out?" she asked, completely unfazed with the possible murder of her mother and father.

"Uh...sure," said Harry, robotically. His mind was reeling. What happened to Rori?

Oh right. She died.

That might make one a bit more abnormal than usual.


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