Imagine Stories

i am making some imagine stories for people but i need your help. Please leave your name and the member of 1D. I will try to write as many as possible. Thanx :)

**A/N - We are both writing this story.**


2. Imagine for Taylor

This is a Niall imagine for Taylor (DirectionerForever1234) hope you like it :) x

You are walking down a busy street in the heart of London. Quickly, five boys around your age run past, you wonder why they are in such a hurry. You shake your head at the boys before you continue walking down the street. In the near distance you see a group of about 30 girls or so screaming teenage girls running towards you. You try to avoid getting knocked over, but it is no use. When they approach you, they knock you straight over, and you are almost pushed onto the busy road.

The dust from the running girls clears and standing in front of you is the most handsome blonde haired guy that you have ever laid your eyes upon. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight, you thought you recognized him from somewhere, but you couldn't where. He smiled down at you and offered his hand to help you back up. You smile at him before taking his hand in yours. You can feel the muscles as his strong arms help pull you to your feet.

Niall: Are you alright

Taylor: Yeah, at least i am now

Niall: I'm so sorry bout our fans

Taylor: It's alright. See no cuts or bruises. Wait fans?

Niall: Yeah

Suddenly you remember where you have seen this boy before. The blonde hair, the braces, the baby blue eyes and the Irish accent. It's Niall Horan. From One Direction. Your favourite band in the world.

Taylor: Now i remember why you look so familiar. Your Niall Horan from One Direction.

Niall: That's me. I was wondering, can i take you out to dinner as a way of saying sorry

Taylor: Okay then

Niall: Great i'll meet you here at 5:30

Taylor: Sounds perfect

Niall: Awesome its a date

And that was how you met Niall Horan, and that one dinner was the best night of your life. You and Niall had so much fun that that is the very first date of many in your new life with Niall Horan.


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