3. Little Things<3

Hey, my name is Haley, about 5 years ago I moved to live with my aunt and uncle
in Doncaster London. There I met Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the British boy band
one direction. We got married almost 3 years ago and we have a son, Holden Jacob
Tomlinson, who is 3 years old, we got married when Holden was about 9 months
old. When Holden was born we moved to live in Louis guest house, that way we
would always have his mom to help us. Anyways, now that your caught up, I guess
I'll tell you about what's happening now.
****This is the third book to Accidentally in Love<3 and Moments in Time<3


2. You wont be alone


When we got home and walked inside Louis and I walked to our room leaving Holden  playing with some toys. I sit on the bed as Louis sits beside me grabbing my  hand. "What do we de?" Louis asked me. " I don't know," I reply looking up at  him, the light was bouncing off of his blue/green eyes, he was beautiful. "I  actually kind of want another kid." he tells me squeezing my hand. I stand up  and say," I don't know, Louis, I don't think I'm ready to have another kid." He  stands up, grabbing my waist and turning me to look at him. " I love you," he  says then kisses me. " I know, I love you to."I reply smiling."Then let's have  another baby." he says hugging me to him. " I thought all you wanted was a  little boy." I say getting a little annoyed at him. " I did, but it's different  now, all I want is a family, and for my family to be happy and even Holden said  he wants a brother or sister." " Don't bring him in on this Louis, you barely  even have time for him, your always on tours. I can't keep two kids by my  self."he says pulling away and grabbing my hands in his, " You won't be alone  Haley, I love you, and you'll have me as much as I can be there and I'm sure our  moms,Charlotte, Fizzy, Lacey, even Phoebe and Daisy will help out as much as  they can." " I don't know Louis," I say laying my head on his shoulder. " At  least  think about it." he says, then kisses me and I get up and walk out.       I can't stay mad at him. This is stupid, really. I love Louis and I love  Holden. Also, Louis loved me and Holden, and I know it's not his fault he is  busy a lot. He has to work. And our families would help out. And Holden did want  a little brother or sister. Maybe this wouldn't be a bad thing. Maybe I should  go back and talk to Louis. I did as he said and thought about it as I was in the  little laundry room washing clothes. I walked out to find Louis in the floor  playing with Holden. I lean against the door frame watching them." Okay," I say  as he turns and looks at me , stands up, and says," What?" he walks to me and  grabs my hands. I smile and say," Okay, let's have another baby." He smiles and  kisses me. 
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