3. Little Things<3

Hey, my name is Haley, about 5 years ago I moved to live with my aunt and uncle
in Doncaster London. There I met Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the British boy band
one direction. We got married almost 3 years ago and we have a son, Holden Jacob
Tomlinson, who is 3 years old, we got married when Holden was about 9 months
old. When Holden was born we moved to live in Louis guest house, that way we
would always have his mom to help us. Anyways, now that your caught up, I guess
I'll tell you about what's happening now.
****This is the third book to Accidentally in Love<3 and Moments in Time<3


4. The Doctor and the Tour


When we get there we sit in the waiting room till they call," Mrs. Haley  Tomlinson." I look at Louis and smile, still not over the fact that I am finally  a Tomlinson. He laughs and grabs my hand and pulls me up and we walk back in the  back and she gestures to this little bed thingy which I lay on. They give me a  test and say that they will be back in a few moments with the results. Louis  scoots his chair up to me and takes my hands in his and kisses them. Which makes  me smile. "I'm gonna miss this," I say smiling at him. "Me to." He says and  about that time the doctor comes in, she smiles really big," Your about 2 weeks  pregnant, congratulations Mrs. Tomlinson." Louis smiles really big, and the  woman tells us when our next appointment is, which luckily is right after Louis  gets back.  -A month and a half later- Louis has been gone for what seems like forever, and I'm just now starting to  show a little, but you cant really tell yet. I woke up feeling sick and ran to  the bathroom. Great, I am home alone with Holden and Im sick. I flush the toilet  and walk into the living room to get my phone. It is 6:30 am here so it would be  10:30 pm in LA. So, I called Louis. "Hey, baby. You up early, what's wrong."  "I'm sick." I tell him. "Morning sick?" He asks sounding concerned. "Yea," I  say, rubbing my forehead. "I'm sorry baby, I'll be home in two weeks." He tells  me. "I can't get Holden ready," I say walking back into the bathroom and sitting  on the counter. "Oh, I didn't think about that. Do you just wanna let him skip  today?" "Not really, if I let him skip he is gonna wonder why, and I don't want  to tell him until you get back." "Do you want to tell my mom?" He asks me. "I  don't know, should I?" I ask him leaning back against the mirror and pulling my  legs up to me. "You can of you want to, or one of my sisters, they will help  you, I promise." "Okay," I tell him. "Are you showing yet?" He asks sounding  curious," Yea," I tell him smiling," Not a whole lot, I mean I don't look very  pregnant kinda just like I have gained some weight." "Really?" He asks and you  could tell by his voice that he was smiling to." Yea," I reply and he asks,"Can  you send me a picture?" "Yea," I say, " but, I have to go, I feel like crap, and  I have to tell your mom." "And take a picture." He said. I smiled," And take a  picture, love you Lou." "Love you to, tell Holden I love him." He said," Okay,  bye." " Bye," I hung up.    Great, now I was supposed to tell his mom. Okay, I can do this. I dialed his  moms number, she answered." Hey miss Johanna." I said then she replied," Hello  Honey, how are you?" "Actually that's what I needed to talk to you about, can  you come over here? I need some help with Holden." "Of course Honey," she  replied and hung up. When I got to the door she was already there. "Hey," I said  and she hugs me. "Hey," she replies and I motion for her to sit down at a chair  in the kitchen. I pace a little then turn to her and say," Okay, I'm just gonna  come straight out with this." She looks back at me confused and I say," I'm  pregnant." "Oh my, that's great! "She says standing up and hugging me. "Does  Louis know?" She asks me pulling away," Yes mam, he actually told me to call  you," she nods," So what does this have to do with Holden?" She asks," I'm sick  right now, and can't get him dressed and take him to school, so I called Louis  and he told me to just tell you and see if you would help me, it's hard with  Louis gone." She nods," Of course Ill help, what do you want me to do?" "Can you  make him some breakfast? I will lay his clothes out, and try to get him dressed,  then could you maybe take him to school?" I ask her. " Of course," she says and  goes straight to the refrigerator, I smile and say," Thank you miss Johanna."  Then I walk to Holden's room. I sit on his bed and shake him awake. "Holden,  baby please get up, mommy doesn't feel like fighting with you." I tell him and  he sits up. I go to his closet and get some skinny jeans and a blue and white  striped shirt and his blue toms. "Can you be a good boy, and dress yourself?" I  ask him. He nods and I go back to the bathroom where I once again get sick, I  think it's smells that get me, the smell of bacon wasn't helping much. Holden  walks in to me brushing my teeth. "Are you sick mommy?" He asks me. I nod and  mumble with toothpaste in my mouth, " mhm," I spit and lean down and tell him,"  Grammy is going to take you to school okay?" He nods," I'm not sure who will be  there to pick you up, probably Grammy, aunt Lottie or Fizzy, or me if I feel  better, okay?" He nods and runs into the kitchen to hug his Grammy. I walk in  soon after carrying  his shoes. I had the worst head ache ever. I walked to the  cabinet and grabbed some Motrin. I sat by Holden and placed my head in my hands,  I truly felt like plain out crap. "Feel any better?" Mrs. Johanna asked me. "No  mam," I said sitting up, "now I have a headache" I frowned a little. "It will  get better," She tells me. I nod and say," I hope so, that's the one thing I  don't like." I say," Holden run go get your book bag, please. " I tell him and  once he leaves the room I tell miss Johanna," he doesn't know yet." She nods, "  I figured y'all would wait to tell him." I nod and say," we probably can't hide  it much longer, I'm starting to show a little, which reminds me Louis wants a  picture." She laughs at that," I will probably video chat him later, he needs to  sleep some, it's gotta be late there." She nods and Holden comes back, he  brushes his teeth and I put on his shoes then they leave. A couple hours later  Louis calls me. "How did it go?" He asks. "Good actually. Can I video chat you?  I don't feel like holding my phone to my ear." He laughs and says "sure." We  hang up and I video chat him. " Hey again." I smile laughing. "You look awful."  He says laughing. " That's a great thing to say to your sick, pregnant wife," I  say sarcastically," but, yea I know I feel awful to." I lay back against the  wall in the bathroom. "Bad huh?" He asks," Yea, and I have  had a head ache to."  I say giving him a little smile. "How come you haven't sent me a picture yet?"  He asks and I laugh and stand up putting the lap top on the sink and stand in  front of the mirror. He smiles and I step back so he can see me, I pull up my  shirt and turn side ways, and place a hand on the top of my tiny baby belly.  "Aww, how cute, I miss you so much, I wish I could be there." He says and places  his hand up near the camera and I do the same, laying my hand on top of his," I  love you Louis." I tell him and smile. "I love you to Haley." He says. We talk a  little while after that before he has to go for an interview, he promises me he  will be home before I know it and we sign off. I missed him so much, I sat on  our bed and just cried my eyes out, it was a mixture of emotions, half from  knowing that I was alone in this for the next 2 weeks, half probably just  because I really just felt terrible. A couple hours later Charlotte brought  Holden home, they walked in and came into our room to find me laying on the bed.  " Hey, how are you? Mama said you were sick." Charlotte asked. "I'm better, I  guess." I reply sitting up. " Have you been crying?" She asks. " Yes, but I'll  be okay." I nod and Holden gets in my bed,"Bye Charlotte, thanks." I say as she  walks out the door. Then we both go  to sleep.                    -Louis's POV- This was so hard, I hated seeing her like this, sick, and alone. I loved her so  much and I see now where she was coming from a couple months ago when she said I  didn't have time for another baby. I was sitting in my room when Harry walked  in, we had just gotten back from interviews all day. "Hey," Harry says sitting  beside me, I am laid up again a wall, on the floor with my legs pulled up.  "Hey," I say looking over at him. "What's up?" He asks me." Nothing, just  thinking." I tell him. " About what?" He asks." Haley, Holden, the baby." "You  miss them don't you?" "Yea, it's hard being away from her right now." "When was  the last time you talked to her?" He asked turning to face me and leaning up  against the bed. "This morning, she video chatted me. I got to see her belly," I  looked up and smiled at him,"  and last night around 10:30 she called, she was  sick and couldn't get Holden ready. So I told her to call my mom and tell her  and that she would help, she really needs me right now." "Lou, two weeks, that's  it. You will get to go home, hold her, be with them, help her and it will all be  okay, promise." "But she was right, I don't have enough time for my family, we  never should of had this baby. I mean yea, I'm excited and I will love this  baby, it's just more responsibility." I started to tear up. "No, don't think of  it like that, your a great father Louis, and she loves you, y'all are prefect  together, and it's gonna be fine."  The weeks drug on, It seemed like forever. I missed them so much, tomorrow was  the day that we would come home. 
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