3. Little Things<3

Hey, my name is Haley, about 5 years ago I moved to live with my aunt and uncle
in Doncaster London. There I met Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the British boy band
one direction. We got married almost 3 years ago and we have a son, Holden Jacob
Tomlinson, who is 3 years old, we got married when Holden was about 9 months
old. When Holden was born we moved to live in Louis guest house, that way we
would always have his mom to help us. Anyways, now that your caught up, I guess
I'll tell you about what's happening now.
****This is the third book to Accidentally in Love<3 and Moments in Time<3


5. I'm Coming Home


 -Still Louis's POV- We got to the air port and I called Haley, she answered," Hey baby, I miss you.  Your coming home today aren't you?"   "Yea, I'm about to get on the plane, I love you Haley, see you in a couple  hours." "I love you Louis, I'll see you then," about that time the I head the  call for my plane," okay I have to go, tell Holden I love him." Then we both  hung up.  A couple hours later the plane landed, I slept just about the whole way there,  when the plane was about to land Harry started shaking me," Louis, Louis, wake  up we are about to land." "What?" I asked him waking up. "We are landing." He  tells me and I quickly grab my carry on bag and sit up ready to go when we land.  Once they tell us we can get off I stand up and me and Harry make our way off  the plane. We got our bags and took off to where Haley and Holden would be. Once  I walked off I started looking around for her, suddenly I see her. She smiles  really big and starts running to me. I smile drop my bags and take off towards  her. I catch her in my arms hugging her really tight and spin her around.                  -Haley's POV- Miss Johanna, Holden, Phoebe, Daisy, and I are all at the airport waiting on  Louis. I'm so ready to have him back home. The man just came on the speaker and  said they had landed, so they should be out here any second. I start looking  around for Louis, I was getting a little impatient,then I saw him. It had been  two months, and for us with me pregnant and us already having a son it was so  hard to stay away from him that long. Right when we make eye contact we both  start running towards each other, me handing Holden to his Grammy. When I get to  him he wraps me in his arms and spins me around. "I love you." I tell him then  he kisses me. About that time Miss Johanna got to us and handed Louis Holden.  "Daddy!" Holden shouted and Louis threw him up in the air and caught him pulling  him back down and hugging him, saying "Hey buddy." "I missed you daddy." Holden  said smiling and hugging Louis. "I missed you to." Louis said and then Phoebe  tapped Louis and he handed me Holden and turned and hugged them then hugged his  mom while me and Holden hugged Harry, then Niall, Liam, and finally Zayn. Louis  grabbed me by the waist and put his arm around me. I picked up Holden and he got  his luggage and he walked out. We got in Miss Johanna's car and Louis put his  luggage in the back and I put Holden in his car seat and sat in  her car with me  in the middle, Holden on the right and Louis on my left. He put his left arm  around me and scooted me to him. He kissed my neck and Phoebe and Daisy giggled,  they were sitting behind us. I smiled and Louis kissed me and placed his hand on  my belly. "I love you" he said still with his hand on my belly. I placed my hand  on his and laid my head on his shoulder. We rode home like that. Ever so often  he would kiss me or whisper sweet little I love you's in my ear. When we got  home Louis got out and got his stuff and I got Holden out, who had fallen  asleep. I laid him over my shoulder and grabbed  Louis's hand and we walked  inside. I laid Holden in his bed and me and right when I pulled up his covers  Louis grabbed me and toted me to our room honeymoon style. "Louis," I  laughed,"I'm pregnant we can't do anything." "I know." He said laying me on the  bed and climbing in beside me. He pulled off his shoes and then mine. He pulled  me over to him and rolled so I was kinda on top and facing him. "I love you, and  I have missed you's I much," he says and kisses me. "I know, I love you to, I  don't even think words will describe how much I love you." I smiled and a tear  fell down my cheek." Then why are you crying?" He asks kissing my cheek where  the tear fell. "I'm happy," I say smiling. Then he kisses me and we make out a  little while until I pull away. "When are we gonna tell Holden?" I ask looking  up at him. He pulls my shirt up and smiles," Your so cute pregnant." while  looking down at my belly."How about we tell him tomorrow after your appointment." Louis said then bent down and kissed my belly. After that we fell asleep. 

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