3. Little Things<3

Hey, my name is Haley, about 5 years ago I moved to live with my aunt and uncle
in Doncaster London. There I met Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the British boy band
one direction. We got married almost 3 years ago and we have a son, Holden Jacob
Tomlinson, who is 3 years old, we got married when Holden was about 9 months
old. When Holden was born we moved to live in Louis guest house, that way we
would always have his mom to help us. Anyways, now that your caught up, I guess
I'll tell you about what's happening now.
****This is the third book to Accidentally in Love<3 and Moments in Time<3


27. Happy Birthday Baby


-Time Skip Christmas Eve- I woke up at around 4:30am and ran to the bathroom. Louis came in and yawned and  pulled up my hair then sat down on the floor. I sat in his lap and laid my head  on his chest. "I thought Journi was gonna be our last." I tell him and he pulls  my shirt up and places his hand on my belly and smiles. "I'm sorry you don't  feel good." He tells me and kisses my neck softly. "It's okay, I hope I feel  better tomorrow, it will be bad if I'm sick when they wake up. " I say and smile  a little bit at the memories. My kids can't wait for "Santa clause" to come and  wake up at like 5am and run jumping on our bed which we both thought was just  adorable. He laughs and says," Yea, that would be bad." "Oh, and Happy Birthday  Baby," I tell him then kiss his cheek, he smiles and says," Thank you baby." and  after a couple of minutes we both fall asleep me in his arms with my head on his  chest and him laid up against the bathroom wall.    I woke up to Louis kissing my forehead," Baby, I'm sorry but we have to get up  we have Christmas with my mom today." I yawn and stretch then he helps me up and  gets up to. I took a shower then while he showered I went to wake up Holden. He  took a bath in their bathroom and then went to Louis who was cooking breakfast.  Then I got Journi up and gave her a bath and then she went to sit in the kitchen  with them. They ate and then Louis takes Holden to his room to get him dressed  and I take Journi. Holden wears some little khakis and a blue and white polo  with some little wallabies. Journi wears a cute little Christmas dress with her  long light brown wavy hair down with a little bit pulled up and a Christmas bow  with some little black shoes. They go and play while we get dressed. I wear some  black skinny jeans and a long sleeved shirt with a scarf and uggs and Louis  wears jeans and a white t shirt and a black blazer. After I curl my hair and put  on make up we leave. On Christmas Eve we eat lunch with his family. We have  Christmas at home then my parents fly up the day after and stay till New Years.  We haven't told my parents the new baby news yet and plan on doing that then.    I love being around his family, they all seem so proper and I love how they  talk. I still am not quite used to all the British accents. Oh, speaking of  accents Holden and Journi both have British accents because they are being  raised here and I feel like its creeping up on me and find my self saying things  like me phone and me Louis or me baby quite often.
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