3. Little Things<3

Hey, my name is Haley, about 5 years ago I moved to live with my aunt and uncle
in Doncaster London. There I met Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the British boy band
one direction. We got married almost 3 years ago and we have a son, Holden Jacob
Tomlinson, who is 3 years old, we got married when Holden was about 9 months
old. When Holden was born we moved to live in Louis guest house, that way we
would always have his mom to help us. Anyways, now that your caught up, I guess
I'll tell you about what's happening now.
****This is the third book to Accidentally in Love<3 and Moments in Time<3


28. Forever


We woke up on Christmas morning to two little munchkins jumping on our bed.  Surprisingly and thankfully I felt better this morning. They sat in our bed and  me and Louis got up and walked into the living room with his arm around me. They  immediately sat on the ground waiting for us to give them presents. We have  always done kind of a big Christmas because money was very ample in our house  with Louis in a world wide popular boy band and me being a Sports MED part time.  Louis got everything out from under the tree and we stood there, both drinking  tea smiling. It truly is great for your dream to come true, in more ways than  one. I have always wanted a son and daughter and now I have not only that but  the worlds best husband, Louis Tomlinson. What more could you ask for? We stood  there in silence. This silence was not awkward. This was the silence that  happens only when you know you have found where you need to be. I couldn't  picture my life with out Louis, he truly was my sole mate, my best friend, the  daddy to my adorable little children who I love so much. I remember when we  first met, who would of ever thought that you would meet the one you would love  so much in an airport or all places? He turned me around and kissed and in that  second all the memories of me and him flashed in my mind,   Suddenly a random guy bumped into me and made me drop my carry on bag and  everything spilled out of it! We both bent down and started picking up my stuff  , while he was saying "Oh, I'm sorry love, let me help you with that." We both  stood up at the same time and I accidentally looked into his eyes. They were a  beautiful blue/green color and his hair was a beautiful shade of very light  blondish/brownish. He was taller than me, and with a British accent, man was he  hot. We stood there for a moment kind of taking each other in then he stumbled  and stuck out his hand and said ,"Excuse me, my name is Louis."     "Haley,truth or dare??" "Dare," I say shyly.  "Oh,you can't be shy," he said, " um, Haley I dare you to kiss Louis."   Unknown: hi this is Louis sorry about the airport and the kiss tonight, was  wondering if you would want to go out some time?xx Louis   Doctor: Hello miss Haley, how are you today? Me: Better, thank you. Doctor: okay, we have the results from your tests......and we would like to  inform you  that... Your Pregnant!! Congratulations!!  Me: Oh my gosh. Okay, thank you bye.  About that time Louis was like freaking out. My mouth was like dropped wide  open.  "What is it? Haley!?"Louis said while shaking me I turned and looked at  him  and grabbed his hands and slowly said,"Louis, Im pregnant."    I looked at Louis who was holding my hand to tight, shouldn't I be the one  killing his hand? I the one having a baby, " This is it." I tell him and he  bends down and kisses me. After 45 long hard minutes of pushing, at 11:47 pm,  our son Holden Jacob Tomlinson was born. The nurses cleaned him off and Louis  kissed my head. "I'm so proud of you." he said with tears in his eyes. A couple  minutes later the nurse laid Holden in my arms. "He's beautiful." I said like  crying and Louis came and sat on the corner of the bed and placed his arm around  us. They left us to have a minute alone. "He looks like you." I told Louis. " He  has your nose." he said kissing the top of my head.    " I do," Louis replied, smiling, and bouncing Holden.    "Haley,do you take this man to be your wedded husband? Do you promise to love  him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, remaining  faithful to him as long as you both shall live? "I do," I said smiling at my boys.    "Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may  kiss the bride."   And then finally in the middle of a contraction someone laid their hand on my  leg and smiled at me. I smiled back and said," Louis."   When our kiss broke I smiled and said." Louis, I can't even tell you how much I  truly love you." I tell him and he gently places his hand on my belly and says,"  I love you to, and thank you. You have given me everything."    -No ones POV-   And that was it, Haley and Louis stood there kissing and smiling while Holden  and Journi were smiling and opening Christmas presents. Everything was  wonderful. The baby was born a couple months later, another boy by the way this  one finally Harry Edward. Their love grew and grew each day and when Journi  turned 24 she had her first daughter, Berkley Marie. Holden married when he was  26 and now has two sons who were both almost graduated college. Harry never  really settled down until he was 33 and finally a girl swept him off his feet.  Haley and Louis grew old together and the band never broke up, once a family  always a family, and you can't pick your family. 
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