3. Little Things<3

Hey, my name is Haley, about 5 years ago I moved to live with my aunt and uncle
in Doncaster London. There I met Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of the British boy band
one direction. We got married almost 3 years ago and we have a son, Holden Jacob
Tomlinson, who is 3 years old, we got married when Holden was about 9 months
old. When Holden was born we moved to live in Louis guest house, that way we
would always have his mom to help us. Anyways, now that your caught up, I guess
I'll tell you about what's happening now.
****This is the third book to Accidentally in Love<3 and Moments in Time<3


10. Congradulations its a girl....


   -2 months later- Finally it was the day we had been waiting for, today we could possibly find out  the sex of our baby. Holden had been so excited, along with Louis who would  swear up and down that it was twins. Which we both knew it wasn't he just likes  to pick on me because I am a twin. I woke up to my alarm clock beeping. I rolled  over to Louis he laid his hand on my now very noticeable baby belly. "Are you  ready to find out what the sex of our babies are?" Louis asked me laughing.  "Yes, Louis, I'm very ready to figure out what the sex of our baby is." I say  stressing the ending of baby. He laughs and hugs me. I get Holden dressed and he  cooks. Then Louis takes him to school while I shower. Then I get dressed while  he showers and do hair and makeup while he gets dressed and does his hair. Then  he warms up some breakfast and we eat. I take like two bites then jump up and  run to the bathroom. Louis comes in right behind me and grabs my straightened  hair. " I thought we were about done with the morning sickness." He tells me. I  stand up, and flush while laughing at him. "Sometimes food gets me." I tell him  and he hugs me. We leave a little while later. When we get in the room I lay  down on the little bed thing and Louis sits beside me holding my hand. The  doctor puts this gel stuff on my belly and I kinda moan," that feels good."  Louis laughs and she puts the little thingy on my belly and starts to move it  around. "Congratulations, it's a girl." I like gasp and look at Louis who also has his mouth wide open and eyes wide with excitement." I'm going to let y'all have a moment alone," she smiles and walks out the door. " A girl,"I say holding Louis's hand." A girl," he smiles and kisses my cheek. 

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