The Becoming Of The Packs

A male wolf by the name of Leo finds a female wolf in distress and saves her child's life who turns out to have a secret background. She looses her family and her foster parent so runs off to start a new life and find out more about who she truly is.


8. Things Begin To Become Clear

(EveningStar is now you as it is far more interesting if you can put yourself as the character)

I blacked out and the next thing I know I am surrounded by a pack of 3 male wolves. They are all male and are asking me my name and if i'm ok but I don't have the strenth to reply and so I just wagged my tail and flicked it in and out of my hind legs trying to point towards the boulder. They got the message and together used all there strength to push the boulder out of the way. They then picked me up but left Seymore behind. I did not know why but before I could tell them to go back and get him I blacked out again. I woke up again but this time in a den with one of the male wolves cleaning himself in the other corner of the den. I had a freshly killed half eaten elk beside me and Seymore was no where to be seen and so I ate the remains of the elk and then asked the stranger where I was, where was seymore and who are you. He told me that his name is Valient and that we are in the crator beyond the arizing hillside and that Seymore is gone. When I asked where seymore had gone he just turned away with a shameful face impression and so I curled up in a ball and whimpered away silently beneath my tail that muffled the sound.
Valient relized what I was doing and so came over to me and led down putting his paw on the top of my head and his chin resting on my side. He told me to cheer up and he stood up and walked to the entrance of the den. I looked over at Valient and he asked if I was coming with him. I smiled at him and stood up and started walking towards him as he smiled back at me. We headed off and I asked him where we were going and he told me that we are meeting his brothers at the edge of the forest by the lake. When we got there Valient rough and tumbled with his brothers pushing one of them in the lake and then the other brother cannon balled in causing a huge splash to drench Valient and he just said "Oh what the hell" and he dived in head first coming up 3 seconds later. He called to me asking me if I was coming in or not. I looked away and he said "Suit yourself" and began splashing his brothers in the face and I looked round and thought that it looks like fun and fun is what I need to cheer me up. Also hes hot so I'm gunna go show off a little. I walk towards the water and dip my front paws in and it was actually nice and warm so I walk back three steps and then sumersaulted and dived in head fist into the water. The 3 brothers bottom jaws dropped as I leaped back up spinning round and round and then landing back under the water head first. I then bob up to the surface and flicked my fur out of my eyes and begin doggy paddling towards the 3 boys who have just closed eachothers mouths. Valient then tells me that the pure white one is called  Romeo and the grey and white one is called Ugeane. Romeo at that point got out of the water and picked a rose and came back in presenting it to me and saying "Hey baby how ya do-in?" I nearly fell head over heels but I had to play it cool and keep my options open because I hardly knew him so I replyed with "Yeah I'm doing alright u?" and he said back to me "Yeah I'm great becuase your hear with me" and he winked at me.
I kind of backed away leaving the flower floating in the water and then Ugeane spoke up to me "Don't mind him my flower hes just obsessed with the ladies and when he sees one he just has to please them and ask them out and since he ain't seen one in 5months now I don't blame him and even I am happy to be with you my flower" and he went to paddle towards me but I backed right off and then Valient came forward and swam in front of Romeo and Ugeane and growled at them saying firmly "Now you two that is quite enough of that because she hardly knows you and may not even fancy you so leave the young lady to decide for herself in her own time if she wants one of us or someone else and besides we dont even know about her yet!" Ugeane and Romeo step eatherside of Valient and apologise for there foolishness and so I accepted there oppologie's and with that they then asked me to tell them about myself and so I told them everything about my life so far. Valient leaps up with exitment and yelps "Your an Alpha too!?"
I tell him that it is true and that I am looking for a mate to start my own pack and take revenge on all humans who are like those two who killed my life. Also taking revenge on the Tiger cat claw clan.
Valient yips gleefully "You are just like me!"
I reply with a puzzled expression "How am i just like you?"
Valient then said "well I was saved by a young female wolf after she found me suckling up to my dead mother who got shot by a hunter and so she took me back to her den where she had 2 other sons and it went well and I got my share of milk and we were just like brothers and I didn't know any different until the day my mother fell ill with nemonia and before she died she told me everyting and what I should do to start a new life and so I left my step mother who was called Shetski and headed off with my brothers now in charge of getting them the life my mum would have wanted for us and so here we are" Gasped Valient.
"Oh my word your the one ive been looking for!" howled Valient and EveningStar at the same time.
They looked eachother in the eye and got closer and closer till there noses touched and they linked front paws and gazed deeply into eachothers eyes. Ugeane and Romeo got out of the water and shouted over there shoulder as they ran off "I guess we better be off. See you later!"

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