The Becoming Of The Packs

A male wolf by the name of Leo finds a female wolf in distress and saves her child's life who turns out to have a secret background. She looses her family and her foster parent so runs off to start a new life and find out more about who she truly is.


11. The Sights My Eyes Beheld

Before my eyes I could see a glistening waterfall with pink salmon jumping up and down in it. The water flowed like a gentle breeze on the wing of a butterfly. It was such a beautiful site of peace itself and I thought this kind of sight was to only be seen in my dreams. I heard the sound of song in the air and as I looked to the sky I saw 10 colourful birds of blue, green and red fly over my head so low I could touch one if I wanted to. There singing was pure beauty to the ear and as Valiant took me by the paw we ran down to the river bank where we fell on our backs in the soft green grass and I closed my eyes and listened to my new surroundings. I know I was home as I rolled onto my side and opened my eyes slowly staring straight into Valiant's big round soppy brown eyes. As he caught eye to eye with me I felt my heart skip a beat as we linked paws and stared each other in the eye for a while before getting up and Valiant leading me in excitement towards a hole in the side of the waterfall. As he took me inside I felt things could not possibly get any better when my eyes came up against a huge cave area made into a romantic home for two. It had a huge comfy corner of leaves, twigs and soft stuff found around the forest. There was a food storage area and a huge meal fit for two with squashed grapes and a huge female elk and a salmon for afters. It was amazing there and as we sat down to our meal I kissed Valiant for the first time ever. The food was lovely and the best I had ever tasted and when i asked how he did it all by himself he told me that his brothers had helped him and I told him I would thank them tomorrow after I get some sleep because I was now very tired. I led down and tried out the bed for the very first time and it was the most comfiest thing I had ever lied on and it was now the warmest as Valiant came and led down upon me to keep me warm.

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