The Becoming Of The Packs

A male wolf by the name of Leo finds a female wolf in distress and saves her child's life who turns out to have a secret background. She looses her family and her foster parent so runs off to start a new life and find out more about who she truly is.


9. The Plan Discussion

Valiant got out of the lake as I did and we walked side by side all the way back to our den. When we got home after stopping and stating to look each other in the eye because it became a habit. We decided to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow night and decide on what to do from there. I curled up in a corner of the den and closed my eyes to get some rest. Valiant looked over at me dreamily and walked towards me leaning himself over my side to go to sleep. I smiled in my sleep as I felt the sudden warmth upon me.

When I was definitely asleep Valiant got up and went out of the den heading straight for his brothers dens.
He woke them all up to a meeting outside of there dens and said to them "Right now I wish to discuss something in private with just the both of you and what I am about to say goes to no one else accept us and only us understood?!" Romeo replied with "You got our word" and Ugeane gulped and said "Is this about EveningStar?" Valiant sighed and said "Yes it is so let me explain and I want  you all ears for my top secret love plan". Romeo barked with excitement "Eye, Eye Captain were here to help!" So Valiant told them the plan and walked back to his den leaving them huddled together discussing the matter between themselves.
When Valiant got back to his den he saw that I was still asleep and so he just sat there for half an hour watching me saying in his head "Oh she looks so beautiful when she sleeps". He continued to watch me until I woke up and said "What are you looking at" with a giggle of embarrassment. Valiant replied with a gulp "I was watching you sleep for you are beautiful and I am coming to bed now".
"ok then" I Sighed with happiness. I curled up again and Valiant came over and curled up next to me.

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