The Becoming Of The Packs

A male wolf by the name of Leo finds a female wolf in distress and saves her child's life who turns out to have a secret background. She looses her family and her foster parent so runs off to start a new life and find out more about who she truly is.


17. <<<The Ghost Of The Ravean>>>

Wired things have been going on around here ever since that premature baby died because we keep seeing a ghost wolf who we all call <LOST> because all he does is look around as if scared, confused and lost.
Nobody understands him apart from Deamon whos eyes have blurred up and he says he knows everything about LOST but never tells us and he is really beginning to give me the creeps.
Darkness also has noticed that Jennifer appears to be talking with mid air and saying she calms the spirits.
She now has a mythical glow around her and is quite a strange child which I say in a good way.
My family is very wired and they all seem quite different from other wolves I have seen but anyway we still know nothing about Lost and all we got out of Deamon was that he is our dead son but he will say no more and it appears that the wolf may never Rest In Peace.
Quite a sad thing really when you think about it.
It seems quite touching when you think about it this way and Deamon never knew about his Brother or Sister because I never told them because there was no point and so I do kind of believe him because if he really was making all that creepy stuff up then why would it link up to real life so much?
Deamon sometimes gets possessed by Lost and talks to me in a wired voice and it really scares me at times and I do hope that Deamon is not suffering because he is losing out on a normal life and we don't even know if he can see any more but he does appear to be able to see so fingers crossed that he is not suffering to much.

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