The Becoming Of The Packs

A male wolf by the name of Leo finds a female wolf in distress and saves her child's life who turns out to have a secret background. She looses her family and her foster parent so runs off to start a new life and find out more about who she truly is.


3. All Alone Out There

Exhausted and at the edge of the forest the young wolf looked for a place to hide so she could get some rest for the long journey ahead of her, and as she was looking she found a little farm. She saw the same two farmers and another tear trickled down her face. She saw an old German Sheppard and asked him if she could spend a night but not be seen by those strange men in hats. He let her have his kennel and he slept outside. Dawn awakened all the birds or should I the writer say what birds were left after the famine wipped out the land of all its people and nature. The 2 men came out wearing these furry coats and she freaked out as they came her way because she relized what the coats were made with. Luckily for the young wolf the kind old german sheppard who lent her his kennel had got in there way and was distracting them giving her a chance to escape. Still clueless of where to go, the young wolf left the farm and the dead forest and bean to head for the hills in the distane for that is all she could see since she left the forest. Every time she thought she had nearly reached the hill they seemed to keep moving further away from her. Unable to walk any further, and with no food since the day her farther and that stranger died, she decided to take a rest in a hole she found in a small mound of grass around a big old oak tree. "This looks like an old abandoned wolf den and I'm sure they won't mind since they no longer live here" she mumbled to herself as she stumbled over some rocks to get in. She finally got inside and was greeted with a dank rotting meat kind of smell, but she did not care, nor could she see what was inside so she just curled up in a corner and fell instantly into a deep sleep.

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