Love In One Word

Louis And Brook Have A Really Good Bond But Brook's Dad Thinks Louis Is A Bad Influence On Her,Brook's mom died when she was 14 and her dad is abusive should she tell louis or should she keep it a secrct?.


5. Time for love

Louis POV:i think brook is spending the night to get away from her dad,her dad is rude and yells ate me:(.these 8 months i have spent with Brook were amazing and i hope we can spend 10000 more months with each other.i think brook is saying she is spending the night at kirsten's and harry is going to be spending a week or so with his mamaw,so we will be getting some alone time.

Brook's POV:Today i am going to be spending the night with Louis i am going to be acting like i am spending the night at kirsten's but i will be with louis my face is aching with pain from when my dad gave me a crack in the face last night i hoep Louis can cheer me up!:)!

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