Love In One Word

Louis And Brook Have A Really Good Bond But Brook's Dad Thinks Louis Is A Bad Influence On Her,Brook's mom died when she was 14 and her dad is abusive should she tell louis or should she keep it a secrct?.


3. The Double Date

Brook's POV:We got here and now  we have to wait 20 minutes to be seated while were waiting Louis is playing the claw machine hoping to get that bobble head of drew brezze."Louis your not going to get it you have spent 8.00 on it."No i will get it soon he said in the creppiest voice ever!"okay well can i try once?"What makes you think you can get it if i can't?"let me try"So i tried and of course i got it!"Tomlinson for 4"said the waitress.Louis is the first to get up and he pulls her aside "Listen says Louis,Just cause i'm famous doesn't mean i get discounts,Okay?"Umm I wasn't going to give you one she say's."how rude"louis say's in a pouty tone.As we go to sit louis trips over his shoe string it's so funny he started to cry but i justed stood there and laugh.

Kirsten's POV:They are here now we have to have a 20 minutes wait while where waiting all you could hear was Louis screaming at the top of his lungs"awwww darn so close"Gosh he is loud"said a very old women about 50's or 60's i was about to turn around and say mind your own flupping  business,but i just kept my mouth shut for harry's sake.As we where walking to the table Louis trips over his shoes and nobody could help but laugh it was so funny but the only one crying was Louis he cried but brook helped him up lol never a dull moment when you are around him! 

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