Love In One Word

Louis And Brook Have A Really Good Bond But Brook's Dad Thinks Louis Is A Bad Influence On Her,Brook's mom died when she was 14 and her dad is abusive should she tell louis or should she keep it a secrct?.


2. The Double Date

Brook's POV:Louis pulled up to the house a half an hour late only him i bet Kirsten and Harry are Wating for us i think were going to Nando's but i'm not sure he never really said.I asked him where  we were going to eat and he replied McDonalds.I stared at him in my anger but cute face so he knew i was just joking,I am kidding he said lauging i hit him my tea bottle like 100 times you idiot your not even funny and he just kisses me on the foorhead and thinks everthing was going to be just fine and it would make everthing better well to be honest it kinda did.As we drove off one direction came on the radio Live While Where Young of coure he opens the window blares the music and sings as loud as possible.

Harry's POV:Of course there late it never fails with them there probably making out in front her house and Brook's Dad will see he will come out Naked and hit Louis with the newspaper.They better get here soon my beautiful Kirsten has to be home by 11:00 and it's already 10:30 i don't know were they are but they better get here soon!GRRRR! 

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