Love In One Word

Louis And Brook Have A Really Good Bond But Brook's Dad Thinks Louis Is A Bad Influence On Her,Brook's mom died when she was 14 and her dad is abusive should she tell louis or should she keep it a secrct?.


13. Missing you

Harry's POV:it really sucks i had to get kirsten all prego cause i had to move out and you know how much i miss louis like a ton but the good part is it's queit.we finshed unpacking a few minuets ago and we are going to see if were having a boy or girl i hoping it's a girl,DARCY:) boy umm collin but i hope it's a girl ethier is fine i guess as we walked into the room for the docters room the docter came in with the results its twins they havent fully devolped we think one is a boy and one is a girl but we aint sure as soon as i found out i called louis he said twin time and and did he little dance.

Louis POV:As brook lay on my chest i knew she was singing little things i just knew it and she was good too i heard my phone rang it was harry i anwserd in a instant its twins 1 boy 1 girl yay i said names collin and darcy harry said and i aid bye and ended the call i layed back  with brook and gave her a kiss on the forehead 

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