Love In One Word

Louis And Brook Have A Really Good Bond But Brook's Dad Thinks Louis Is A Bad Influence On Her,Brook's mom died when she was 14 and her dad is abusive should she tell louis or should she keep it a secrct?.


11. Into the house

Harry's POV:this bed is like 200 pounds and it's heavy!i guess loue and brook are sharing a room,Oh Boy:)!!the bed was the last thing carried in so,we can start organizing as we where putting things were needed to be and going thourgh he stuff we had to hang like 40 posters of loue and 10 of liam 24 of me 33 of zayn and niall about 37 yay and then like 50 of all of us togther,she had book's and the hole nine yards she said it was all from before she meet loue but,yay:)!!

Louis POV:my love is done packing lots of posters of me:))and the boys i told her not to hang them up only the ones of me but nope she didn't listen i am tierd and i might have pulled a muscle,i have a concert in a week but we can't go cause harry's new's

*stay tuned for the next chapter where harry's secrect will be revealed* 

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