Never Ending

Rikki Anne is just your average teen facing the world of adulthood while having her best friend Madisyn with her. While looking for a job to pursue her dream of being a musician/singer she runs into someone she never expected to change everything. If only she knew that her and her best friend find themselves falling for someone they wouldn't have expected to. It will be Never Ending.


6. You Can Keep Him, For Now

That morning I woke up to feet in my face. I swatted them away and looked up. It was Louis. I looked around and everyone else was still sleeping. I checked my phone and it was only 6. Hold up. 6am! Holy crap! Only like 3 and a half hours of sleep. I got up and went to the bathroom and freshened up. As soon as I looked in the mirror, total bed head. I brushed through the rat's nest on top of my head and washed my face.

I walk back downstairs and looked at the adorable 5 boys sleeping. Zayn was sleeping sideways on a chair, Niall was on the floor pretty much on top of Liam, Louis was on the couch in an very odd position, and Harry was laying up against the couch like I was when I woke up. I walked over to him and sat down in his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and nuzzled my face into his chest. I felt his arms around my waist.

"Good morning beautiful. Why are you up so earlier?" He said in his morning voice. Very sexy may I say.

"Morning. I don't know. I woke up to Louis' feet in my face."

He chuckled and looked up at Lou. He looked back down at me and smiled. I returned the smile.

"I want to spend some one on one time with the boys today. If that's ok with you? I want to get to know them better."

"That's fine love. As long as I get my time at the end of the day." He winked at me. I shoved him.

"You are such a flirt."

"It's working though right?"

"Yes. It actually is."

Harry and I just sat like that for a while talking. The first one to wake up is going to be the one I spend time with first. What do you know, it's Louis. He got up and walked to the bathroom. He came back downstairs and saw Harry and I. He started to grin.

"What did I miss here?" He said pointing back and forth between Harry and I.

"Nothing. Just talking. Louis, since you are the first one to wake up, you are the first person I'm hanging out with today. Some one on one time. Ya know, to get to know you better." I said.

He ran over to where we were and sat on top of me. He hugged me and started to stroke my hair.

"I would love to Rikki!!"

"Great! Now go get dressed, we're going for coffee."

Once I said that, he sprinted for his room. He's so entergetic. While he was getting ready, the others were waking up. Niall, Liam, then finally Zayn woke up. So that's my order for today. Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Then obviously Harry and I later on tonight. Louis walked back in all dressed and ready.

"Ready to go then love?"

"Sure thing!"

"Where are you guys going?" Liam asked.

"Going to get some coffee, gonna chat for a little." I replied back. He nodded his head and with that Louis and I left. He was the one driving us since it was his car. We were listening to the radio and the song Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown came on. I started to sing the song and Louis joined in. We got to the coffee shop in about 15 minutes. We walked in and ordered our coffee and went and sat down.

We talked for what seemed like hours but it was only like 2. I told him about home, Madisyn and Kennedy, school, and not currently having a job at the moment. He told me about his life and the other lads. He told me the roles each boy had. Liam was the smart one, Harry the flirt (figured that one), Zayn is vain (I see what he did there!), Niall the funny one, then himself as the leader since apparently there was nothing left. We started to get into a conversation about singing.

"So you have an amazing voice Rikki. I really mean that." I started to blush.

"Thanks Lou! So do you! I've actually been trying to get signed for a while now but no luck so far."

"Well I'm sure that someone will find it in them to sign you."

"Thanks. That means a lot." I leaned over the table and hugged him.

"So what's going on with you and Harry?" His grin was coming back again.

"Ohh you know just some talking and kissing and some more talking and some more kissing.." I trailed off.

"Ohh snap!" He snapped his hand in a Z-formation. "That's my man!" I threw my hands up in self defense.

"Ok, ok. You can keep him, for now." I winked at him and we both laughed.

We left after another 15 minutes and returned back. They were all on the couch watching the telly. I plopped myself down in between Harry and Liam. Harry gave me a kiss on the cheek and put his arm around me. I took his arm and put it back in his lap. He gave me a confused look.

"Louis said that you were his. I have to respect him."

Louis came over and sat down on Harry's lap. "That's what I thought." He spat at me.

I just laughed and looked at the clock. 1, ok, now it's Niall's turn.

"Your turn Niall." He looked scared and I rubbed my hands together evilily. It's so much fun messing with these guys!

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