Never Ending

Rikki Anne is just your average teen facing the world of adulthood while having her best friend Madisyn with her. While looking for a job to pursue her dream of being a musician/singer she runs into someone she never expected to change everything. If only she knew that her and her best friend find themselves falling for someone they wouldn't have expected to. It will be Never Ending.


16. Where Were You?!

I could hear voices around me. I had a major headache though. Them ranting was making it worse.

"Can you guys just shut up for like two minutes please?!" I rolled over and fell onto the floor, hitting my head on the floor. Headache just got even more worse! I groaned and layed there.

"Are you ok Anne?" Niall asked. "We found you in the bathroom on the floor passed out. You were bleeding from your head too."

I touched my head and flinched. Ouch!

"Yeah, think I hit my head on the sink before blacking out."

"Why did you pass out?" Liam asked.

"Uhmmm, I started to hyperventilate.."

"Why?" Louis asked.

I grabbed my phone off the coffee table and opened the text and showed them. Harry looked pissed again.

"I have to go get my stuff from my house but what if he is there? I'm scared to go."

"We could always go get your stuff Rikki." Zayn said.

"Thank you, wait, how long was I out?"

"About 45 minutes, why?" Harry said.

"Crap! Madisyn and Kennedy landed 15 minutes ago!" I jumped up off of the floor and went to go get my shoes. "Guys, I'll be back soon, here's the key to my house. Just pack the necessary stuff, like clothes, ok?"

"Wait!" Harry shouted while I ran out the door.

"Harry I have to go!" He came up to me, grabbed my waist, pulled me close, and kissed me passionately.

"You couldn't have left without a goodbye kiss." He said cheekily.

"You're so cheesy!" I gave him another quick kiss then I jumped into the car.

I started the car then I called Madisyn. She's probably mad off right now. She's scary when she gets mad! Same with Kennedy. I dialed her number and called. It ranged twice she picked up.

"Hello, Rikki Anne, where are you at?! We've been waiting here for over 20 minutes now!"

"I know! I'm sorry! I passed out a little bit ago."

"Wait, you passed out, why?!"

"I'll tell you later ok? Where are you guys at?"

"In the waiting area."

"Ok, be there in like 5 minutes."

I hung up the phone and rushed over to the airport. I ran inside and there they were. My two best friends I've been waiting to see for over a year now! I ran to them and first I hugged Madisyn. I went to hug Kennedy but before I could, she slapped me! Just slapped me!

"What was that for?!"

"Uhmm, let me think, we've been here for over 20 minutes!"

"Didn't she tell you why I wasn't there?!"

"She was passed out." Madisyn spoke up.

"Why?" Kenn asked.

"Tell you later, let's just go."

We walked to the car and drove off. We caught up with each other and I told them what happened today. They were speechless at first but then they got angry pretty fast. They started to shout.

"Guys, guys, relax ok? Everything is getting taken cared of. I'm just dropping out of school and I'm moving in with my boyfriend."

"Woah, woah, woah, woah. Back up, did you just say boyfriend?" Kennedy asked.

"Yes. Why the shock?"

"Rikki, you rarely get a boyfriend, not to sound rude, but I'm happy for you!" Madisyn said.

"Thanks guys! Remembered Harry, the curls?"

"Yeah." They said in unison.

"Well, yeah, he's my boyfriend." They both awww'd when I said that. We all laughed and in no time, we were back at the Harry's place.

"Welcome to the house of Styles!"

They were both in awww when they saw the house. Right before I walked in, I was tackled in a hug.

"Ohhh, Rikki, I missed you soo much!" Louis said.

"I was only gone for like half an hour!"

"I know." He winked at me. He picked me up and looked at the girls. "Hello loves!"

"Hello!" They said in unison.

"Rikki, we got all the needed stuff too."

"Thanks Lou! Where's Harry and the others?"

"Uhmmm, about that.."

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