Never Ending

Rikki Anne is just your average teen facing the world of adulthood while having her best friend Madisyn with her. While looking for a job to pursue her dream of being a musician/singer she runs into someone she never expected to change everything. If only she knew that her and her best friend find themselves falling for someone they wouldn't have expected to. It will be Never Ending.


31. Wasn't The Same

As I was waiting for them to come back, I got a text. It was Noelle.

From: Noelle.. "Never mess with me again. ;* Xx"
To: Noelle.. "Go to hell! :* xx"

She never responded back. She read the message too, she's probably scared of me now(; I turned up the radio and tried to block out anything that tried to remind me of what happened. The song Rememeber When by Chris Wallace was on. I love this song! I was singing along until the car door opened on the driver's side. It was Harry.

"Babe, what happened? The girls won't tell us." He asked.

"I'll tell you when we get home, ok? I don't want to talk about it right now.."

He sighed and placed his hand on my knee. I grabbed and intertwined our hands together. He lifted his hand up to his lips and kissed my hand gently. The rest of the gang got into the back and we drove back home. I felt really bad for ruining everyone's movie day. But it wasn't my intention to run into that God awful whore today!

We got back to the house and I just plopped face first onto the couch. I really didn't want to talk to anyone. Actually, I was in the mood to sing! But just when I was about to get up, Louis sat on me.

"Can you get off of me please?" I begged.

"Are you going to tell us what happened at the movies?" He smirked.

"If you get off of me." Just when I said that, he got off.

I sat up and all eyes were on me. You gotta love the spot light! I let out a big sigh and began.

"When I went to the bathroom, I ran into Noelle and her little posy." I air quoted the "posy" part. The girls are just wanna be's. They actually got stuff done so they could look more like Noelle! That's actually messed up if I say so myself. I continued on. "I insulted her one point, I actually wasn't intending to, but she took it the wrong way. She splashed water at my face. So I took the soap and smeared all over her outfit. Her girls grabbed a hold of me and dragged me into a stall. And with the snap of her fingers.... They uhhmmm.... Gave me a swirly.... Then that's when Harry called and the girls came and got me then that's pretty much it."

Silence was in the air. Just then Niall and Louis busted out laughing.

"They gave you a swirly?!" Niall asked laughing.

"That's just ridiculous!" Louis laughed.

"Yes, laugh it up! I'm just gonna go upstairs... No one bug me ok?" I got up from my spot and went upstairs.

I closed the door and locked it. I grabbed my laptop and just went through my videos. When I was younger, I still wanted to be a singer, it was always my dream. I used to sing with Kennedy, Madisyn, and we also had another friend named Audrey. We all used to sing together, but when we got into high school, Audrey left. We still singed but it wasn't the same. There just needs to be a fourth member for us for some reason. It didn't sound right with three of us.

I was scrolling through all the videos of us four singing. It was amazing singing with them. We haven't singed together for a while. I miss it a lot actually. I'm still chasing my dream, I'm not sure about them anymore. I'm showing that I'm trying, but Kenn and Madisyn, I just don't know.

Just then my phone went off. It was my vocal teacher, Johnny.

From: Johnny! "Hey kiddo! Haven't heard anything from you in a while. Everything ok? I was wondering if you wanted to head down here and we can continue? We also have a new student in the program, I think you'll like her(: Miss you bud! x"

Should I go down there? I think it'll help release some stress around here. I also want to meet the new student! Especially if she's in the program! May be I can get Madisyn and Kennedy down there as well. Hopefull they will cooperate with me. I want all of us to sing together again. Even if we don't have Audrey with us.

To: Johnny! "Everything is fine! Sorry I haven't been down there in a while.. Been busy a lot lately! Sounds great! I would love to meet her(: Is it ok if I bring a couple of people with me? xx"
From: Johnny! "That's ok! And of course you can! The more the merrier!(: See you soon kid! x"

Now I just have to get the girls and go. I unlocked the door and went downstairs. They were all watching a movie at the time being.

"Girls, we're gonna go somewhere for a little bit, ok?"

"Uhhmmm ok? Where?" Madisyn asked.

"You'll see." I winked at her.

"Can we come to please?" Niall asked.

"Are you done making fun of me?"

"Yes, please." Louis said.

"Fine." I sighed.

I went back upstairs to get my jacket and Harry followed. I put my jacket on and looked in the mirror. Harry came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Where are we going babe?" He asked and kissed my neck.

"You'll just have to wait and see for yourself." I smiled back into the relfection to him.

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