Never Ending

Rikki Anne is just your average teen facing the world of adulthood while having her best friend Madisyn with her. While looking for a job to pursue her dream of being a musician/singer she runs into someone she never expected to change everything. If only she knew that her and her best friend find themselves falling for someone they wouldn't have expected to. It will be Never Ending.


14. Remembering The Pain


My annoying alarm clock on my phone was going off. It was 5:45 when I woke up. Stupid school today... I got up carefully trying not to wake up Harry. But then again, I haven't been home for like the whole weekend and didn't have my car here. I guess I'll bum it today. I took his sweats and jumper and went into the bathroom and got changed.

I went downstairs and raided the cabinets for some food. I found some waffle and put them in the toaster. I ate then went back up stairs to brush my teeth. I slipped my uggs on and headed for the door. Just then I realized that I don't have my car, again, so I had to take one of their's. I decided to take Louis'. I'm sure he wouldn't mind right? I left him a note to make sure.

I'm taking your car for school today. Be back at like 2. Don't miss me too much(;
Love, Rikki Anne♥

I put the note on the counter and left. I had to stop at my place to get my books and then I was off for school.

I arrived at school in like 15 minutes. When I pulled in, there they were. Noelle and Brian making out where they always do, right now to her car. I got out of the car and headed for my locker. I was putting my books away when someone came up behind me, grabbed my waist, and started kissing my neck. I turned around and it was Brian.

"What are you doing?! You have a girlfriend!"

"Does it look like she is around?" His evil grin grew.

"Seriously, leave Brian." Just then the first bell rung and no one was in the hall way now. I'm starting to freak out on the inside.

Brian's smile grew bigger. He slammed my locker and picked me up and dragged me into a janitor's closet. He locked the door and then turned to me. I was huddled in a corner. He walked over to me and cupped my face. Tears were urging to come remembering the last time. Just then he started to rip my clothes off. I started to scream for help but then he slapped me. He found duct tape and taped my mouth shut. He taped my hands to the ground with my legs spread apart and him taping my feet to the ground. All my clothes were off now.

"Don't worry baby, I'll make it better."

He started taking his clothes off. Once he was done, he put himself inside me. I was crying uncontrolably now. I kep going and it would hurt each time. He pulled out and started kissing all over me. He then went down there and starting nipping at me. I pretty much just gave up now and let him do what he wanted. He would go inside of me most of the time. Then he put his fingers in.

The time felt so slow but first hour was over and the bell rung. He untaped me and I quickly put my clothes back on.

"That was nice babe. Let's do it again, let's say in like 2 hours." He winked at me then left. I fell to the floor crying.

I ran to my locker, grabbed the keys to the car and grabbed my phone. I ran to my car when I got stopped by my vocal teacher.

"Is everything ok Rikki Anne?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just having a stressful day. I'm going home to relax today. I'm sorry I have to miss lessons today." I sniffled.

"It's fine, really. Feel better Rikki."

"Thank you."

I got into the car and headed straight for my house first. I grabbed the needed things for Harry's place then left. I went over to his house speeding and I actually got pulled off. He let me off with a warning though.

I got to Harry's house but no one was there. I knew where he kept the spare keys and unlocked the door. I ran straight to his room and just collasped onto his bed. I just cried and cried and cried. It felt like ages before they came home. I sprinted down the stairs and ran into Harry's arms.

"Babe, what's wrong?!"

I couldn't speak. I just cried. I had to tell him but I don't know how to...

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