Never Ending

Rikki Anne is just your average teen facing the world of adulthood while having her best friend Madisyn with her. While looking for a job to pursue her dream of being a musician/singer she runs into someone she never expected to change everything. If only she knew that her and her best friend find themselves falling for someone they wouldn't have expected to. It will be Never Ending.


20. But Nothing!

Today was the day for the plan. I was hoping that this was going to work. If not, I'm screwed. Everyone spent the night last night too. I walked downstairs and everyone was sprawled on the couch and floor. I went to the kitchen and poured some cereal into a bowl. I went to grab the milk and when I shut the door, there stood Liam.

"My lord Liam! Scared the living hell out of me!"

"Sorry, can we talk though?"

"About what?" Is he going to tell me his feelings again? I don't even have my phone for me to record! Dammit!

"What I said yesterday. I do mean every word I said. Harry hurts girls. I can't imagine you being hurt like that. I know you care for him-"

"I do care for him, a lot actually." I placed my hands on my hips.

"And I know that. But would you ever consider us together? Please Rikki Anne."

"Liam, I'm already with Harry. I can't just-" He cut me off with the placing of his lips. I started to kiss back, regretting it. He pulled away and looked at me.

"Tell me you didn't feel anything with that." He was right, I did feel something. Just not the something I feel with Harry.

"I did but-"

"But nothing! You did feel something! Why can't you see that we should be together?!" He started to raise his voice at me.

"Ok, one, don't raise your voice at me! We have people sleeping out there. Two, yeah I did feel something but it isn't what I feel with Harry. And three, may be the fact I can't see us together is that I'm with Harry right now."

"I'm not going to give up." Just then Madisyn walked in.

"Got any food up in here broski?" She asked. Thank you Madisyn from saving me!

"Yes we do." I pushed past Liam and went to get the cereal we have. Liam walked back into the living room. I let out a big sigh and put my head on the counter.

"Everything ok?"


"Why not?"

"Liam. He's the problem!" I whispered so he wouldn't hear me.

"Why is he the problem?"

"I'm with Harry and Liam said he had feelings for me! And he kissed me, twice now!"

"Holy cows bro! That's not cool! Are you going to tell Harry?"

"Don't worry, I have a plan." I winked at her.

"Your plans never go right I hope you know."

"It will this time!" We laughed and ate.

It's been an hour since Liam and I talked. I looked over at Niall and nodded. It was time for the plan.

"Hey, Liam wanna go for a walk?" Niall asked.

"Yeah, sure." He made eye contact with me then left. I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone.

I locked the door to make sure no one could hear me until the right time. I got a call from Niall. It was all muffled and a lot of shuffling but I could hear everything they were saying.

"So what's up with you and Rikki Anne dude? You guys are best friends and now what?"

I sprinted down the stairs and grabbed Harry.

"Babe, what are you doing?"

"Just. Follow me." I pulled him into the room and locked it. I sat him down on the bed and told him to listen.

Liam started to talk. "Niall the thing is. I have feelings for Rikki Anne. I don't want to ruin anything between us but she's all I can think about now. I'm falling for her. I told her that today and last night. I told her that I was better than Harry and that he wil hurt her."

"Liam, Harry has never been this way before with a girl. I don't think he plans on hurting her any time soon. He really cares about her and that never happens to him before. You know how he can be a player." Harry scoffed and I slapped him to shush him.

"I know but I kissed her, twice actually." Harry's eyes widen. He looked completely pissed. Liam continued. "I asked her if she felt anything with the kiss and she did say yes. But she said it's nothing compared to Harry. I get it that she loves and cares for Harry. But I think she'll be better off with me then him."

"Liam, she chose who she chose. May be if you admitted your feelings earlier, then you might have her now. Just, don't try and break them up ok. They do care for each other and you know that she will be heart broken if you do. Do you want that?"

"Of course not! I just want to call her mine."

"I know you do bud, I know." With that, the call ended.

I looked at Harry and he looked really pissed but then again. I saw that he had satisfaction in his eyes. He stared to smile.

"Why are you smiling, shouldn't you be pissed?"

"Oh, believe me, I am! But I'm glad that after the kiss you had with Liam, twice, that you still want to be with me and not him."

"Obviously! You could have Johnny Depp to kiss me and I would still choose you... May be." I winked at him.

"Come here." He pulled me into his lap.

I relaxed my head onto his chest while he held me. He kissed my hair and layed his head down on mine.

"I love you Rikki Anne."

"I love you too Harry. You're gonna talk to him, aren't you?"

"Ohhhh yes." I could hear him smirk.

"Don't do anything stupid, ok?"

"Of course not!" I looked up at him and kissed him.

He finally believes me! Score for Rikki Anne!

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