Dark Longing

Selena Abbott discovers that she isn't what she thought she was and neither was her mother.
Plunged into a dark world will Selena be able to resist the darkness or will she give in to the dark longing?


28. Chapter Twenty Eight: Date Night

KNOCKING OVER A stack of DVDs I cursed and bent down to pick them up.
“What is with you today?” Sam asked, chewing gum while texting her boyfriend. “You’ve been totally out of it this shift.” She narrowed her eyes. “Are you on drugs?”
I sighed and brushed loose strands of hair from my face. “No I’m just nervous. I have a date tonight.” The DVDs were back in their rightful place so I walked over to the desk that Sam was slouched behind.
Pausing in her texting, Sam asked, “Your date wouldn’t happen to be that gorgeous blond that was here last Friday, would it?”
“Yes,” I replied, my cheeks growing hot.
“You lucky sod. I’d give my right arm to see him naked.”
Jealous, I glared at Sam, saying, “I thought you already had a boyfriend?”
“Oh I do.” She smiled, flipping her ponytail. “But that doesn’t stop me from admiring other men from a distance.”
Just as long as it was from a distance.
“So is he picking you up?”
“Yes and I have no idea where he’s taking me,” I said, checking the time. I still had fifteen minutes until the end of work.
Sam blew a bubble with her gum and made it pop. “Are you getting changed here then?”
“Yep,” I answered, wiping my damp hands on my trousers.
“What are you going to wear?”
“A red dress with a pair of black ballet shoes.”
Spiting her gum into the bin, Sam unwrapped a new piece and put it in her mouth. “How are you doing your makeup?”
“Makeup?” I started panicking. “I wasn’t going to put any on.”
With a tut, she grabbed my arm and yanked me towards the back of the store. As we passed the manager’s office, Sam called, “We’re finishing early, Dennis.”

Hayden was waiting when I stepped outside. He had been leaning against his car but straightened when he saw me. I stepped towards him self consciously, aware that Hayden’s violet eyes were roaming every inch of my body.
“Hi,” I said, stopping in front of him.
“Good evening, Selena,” Hayden purred as he kissed my cheek. “You look beautiful.”
“My co-worker attacked me with her makeup.”
Sam had sat me down and made me stay still while she used the contents of her suitcase-sized bag of beauty products on me. I had never even heard of some of them before but had to agree that the results had been worth it.
“I wasn’t referring to the makeup,” Hayden murmured, placing his hands on my hips and drawing me closer. “That dress was an excellent choice.” I blushed and he nuzzled my neck, saying, “We should leave before I lose control and decide to ravish you.”  
My legs grew weak and as Hayden escorted me around the side of the car I couldn’t help but hope that he would lose control.
Purging my mind of all dirty thoughts, I realised that we were already strapped into the car and that we were moving.
“So where are we going?” I asked tentatively.
Hayden took my hand in his, saying, “You’ll see.”

I was surprised when the car stopped outside the block of flats that Hayden lived in. But I was even more shocked when I saw that he had cooked me dinner.
“Hayden,” I gasped when he placed a plate of delicious looking food in front of me. “You didn’t have to go to all this effort.”
Hayden had decorated since my last visit and the new dining table that I was seated at had candles and flowers on it.
Smiling, he said, “It’s a date isn’t it?”
I sipped my glass of champagne-apparently my agreeing to go on a date with Hayden was so momentous that champagne was needed to celebrate-and Hayden sat down opposite me.
“Did you really make this?” I asked. It looked so professional, like the type of dish you would expect to be served in a posh restaurant.
He picked up a fork and replied, “Yes so I will be upset if you don’t eat every single bite of it.”
“Umm . . .” I hoped it tasted as good as it looked because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.
Laughing, Hayden said, “I’m just teasing. Tell me if you don’t like it and I’ll make something else.”
I warily took a bite. “OH MY GOD!”
“Oh you hate it don’t you?” His face and shoulders dropped.
I shook my head emphatically. “It’s freaking delicious!” I shovelled more into my mouth. “I’ve never tasted anything so good!”
Relieved, Hayden ran a hand through his hair and chuckled. “Thank goodness for that. There’s some leftover if you want it?”
I arched an eyebrow.
“I’ll go and get it,” he said pleased as he rose from his seat.

“I should not have had that second helping,” I groaned, resting a hand on my swollen stomach. Damn. Now I looked fat. I definitely should have reconsidered eating so much.
“Which second helping?” Hayden asked from where he was sat beside me on the sofa. “Dinner or pudding?”
“Both,” I muttered.
My legs were over his lap and my head was resting on Hayden’s shoulder.
“I would ask you to cook for me every day but then I would be the size of a house.”
Stroking my leg, he replied, “Who knew that behind this modest exterior there was a cooking god waiting to be released within.”
I giggled.
“That’s my second favourite sound,” Hayden said into my hair.
“What’s your first?”
“When you say my name.”
Meeting his gaze my heart skipped a beat.
“Dance with me.”
“What?” I asked.
Hayden swung my legs over the side of the sofa and stood up. He held out a hand, saying, “Dance with me, Selena.”
“Why?” I took his hand and got to my feet.
Leading me over to the space between the TV and the sofa, he said, “Because I want to dance with you.”
Hayden wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me so close that our thighs and chests were touching. I put my arms around his neck and laid my head on his collarbone. We moved slowly around the room and I tried not to dwell on the fact that every part of my body that was in contact with Hayden’s felt like it was on fire.
“So how am I doing so far?” he asked, spinning me around.
Falling against him, I said, “Pretty good.”
“What are my chances of us having a second date?”
“Well that all depends on how this evening ends.”
“Does it?” Hayden chuckled.
I grinned. “It does indeed.”
“Well in that case . . .”
Hayden was suddenly kissing me. It was gentle and I could tell he was holding back. I clung to him, gripping his muscular arms.
“Hayden,” I whispered when he trailed kisses down my neck. I wanted his lips back on mine.
Resting his forehead on mine, he asked, “So how about that second date?”
I pressed my mouth to his. “Shut up and keep kissing me.”
He smiled.
That was when my phone went off.
I sighed and Hayden let me go. I withdrew my mobile from my handbag. The display was flashing ‘Lisa’.
“You should answer it,” Hayden said.
I reluctantly did so and that was when the evening went downhill.

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