Dark Longing

Selena Abbott discovers that she isn't what she thought she was and neither was her mother.
Plunged into a dark world will Selena be able to resist the darkness or will she give in to the dark longing?


12. Chapter Twelve: Alive For Now

“Yours?” the man asked, disappointed.

“That’s right,” Hayden said, hauling me to my feet. He looped an arm around me possessively. “So get lost,” he practically snarled.

The man stood up and cast me one last lingering, hungry look before disappearing into the night.

“Are you alright?” Hayden asked his arm low on my waist. “Did he hurt you?”

Speechless, I shook my head, trying to wrap my head around what was happening. Had my granddad been right when he’d said that there were people that wanted to hurt me?

Glancing around, Hayden said, “Come on let’s get you away from here.”

I didn’t protest as he led me down the side of the house. I caught sight of myself in a window and nearly had a heart attack. I was glowing too but this time it was green. My knees gave out from beneath me and Hayden swore, managing to catch me. Hyperventilating, I felt tears stream down my cheeks.

“Breathe, Selena.”

I tried but my throat had constricted and I couldn’t get enough oxygen. Hayden’s violet eyes were the last thing I saw before losing consciousness.



I awoke slowly, feeling groggy. Soft sheets caressed my skin and I opened my eyes. I was in an unfamiliar bedroom and Hayden was sat in a chair beside the bed watching me. He could see that I was awake but didn’t say anything. The expression on his face was a mix between surprise and confusion. I was relieved to find that I could no longer see any glowing colours and that my headache was gone.

“Why am I still alive?” I asked, sitting up.

Scratching his chin, Hayden replied, “I’m as surprised as you are.”

I flinched. “You were planning on killing me when you brought me here?” My voice was shaky and I clutched at the silk bedcovers.

He nodded. “But I didn’t.”

Nauseous, I said, “What did that man mean last night when he asked if I belonged to anyone?” I considered trying to leave but he would probably stop me.

Getting up from his seat, Hayden perched himself beside me on the bed, dangerously close. “He meant exactly what he said. I like that dress. It matches your eyes. But you should wear your hair down.” His long fingers undid my hair which fell down my back. “That’s better.” Hayden smiled, brushing a rogue strand behind my ear.

I flushed at his touch and looked away. “Lisa made me wear it,” I said quietly, wondering if he was still contemplating killing me. “Oh no, Lisa!” I cried, my eyes widening. “Where’s my phone? I need to call her!”

Smiling, Hayden replied, “I sent her a text last night saying that you were with a friend.”

I couldn’t help but snort. We were not friends.

He arched an eyebrow. “What?”

“Nothing.” I thought about the strange lights I had seen the night before. Could Hayden see them too? “Hayden, I . . .”

He grinned at my hesitation. “Yes, Selena? What is it?”

I shook my head. I must have imagined the whole thing. Nobody could see what I had seen. But then nobody could age decades in minutes either.

I gazed at Hayden silently. Lifting up a hand, he stroked my cheek.

“Are you going to kill me?” I asked, pulse racing.

He sighed. “I haven’t decided yet.”

I blinked away tears. I didn’t want to die.


He ran a thumb across my bottom lip, his violet eyes fixed on mine. “You surprise me.”

“I do?” I was breathless at his touch.

Flashing a wicked smile, Hayden dropped his hand, releasing me from his spell. “You should go before I change my mind.”

I got to my feet, picking up my shoes from beside the bed. Hayden was silent and didn’t follow after me as I left the apartment, running down the stairs. Once outside, I paused to get my bearings before sprinting in the direction of home.

But I didn’t end up going home.

Pushing the black gate open, I hurried up the gravel drive. I knocked on the front door, gasping for breath.

“Selena?” Granddad asked in shock.

“What did you mean there are people that want to hurt me?”

His expression darkened. “You better come inside.”

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