Dark Longing

Selena Abbott discovers that she isn't what she thought she was and neither was her mother.
Plunged into a dark world will Selena be able to resist the darkness or will she give in to the dark longing?


30. Chapter Thirty: Family Outing

I WAS STARING at Hayden’s chest when I woke up the next morning. Our legs were entwined, the blanket was on the floor and Hayden’s hands were resting on my waist. Hayden was still asleep, his breath tickling my head. I traced his tattoos, wondering what Hayden had seen throughout his long life.

“Mm, that feels nice,” Hayden murmured into my hair.

I pressed my lips to the nearest tattoo, asking, “How about that?”

“Better.” He ran his hand up and down my thigh. “Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby. You?”

“That was the best sleep I’ve had in years.” Smiling, Hayden brushed the hair from my face. “The just-woken-up look suits you.”

I fought the urge to grin and replied, “You’re just saying that because you want a kiss.”

“Am I that obvious”? He chuckled, pressing his lips to mine.

The kiss deepened. It was rougher and more passionate than our first kiss had been. Hayden was on top of me, a knee between my legs. His tongue traced my lips and I gave a throaty moan. I don’t know how long we made out for but I was breathless when I eventually pulled away.

“Wow.” I stared up at Hayden, my lips bruised and my heart racing.

“That bad huh?” Somehow his hands had slipped under my top and were resting on my ribs, the tips of his thumbs grazing the underneath of my breasts.

“Oh yeah, terrible.” I teased as I caught my breath.

“Sorry.” Hayden nibbled my earlobe. “Next time I’ll make it up to you.”

“Next time? Who says there is going to be a next time?” He tickled me into submission. “Okay, okay! There will be a next time.”

“I get a second date?” he asked with a grin.

Messing up Hayden’s hair, I said happily, “Yes you do.”



Lisa was fine when she woke up apart from a headache and was horrified when we told her what had happened. She promised to be more careful and begged me not to tell Dad and Kayleigh. Hayden dropped us off at home a street away so that Dad wouldn’t get suspicious.

“We need to do something as a family,” Kayleigh said as we ate lunch. “We never do anything together anymore.”

“What do you want to do?” Dad asked. “Any suggestions girls?”

Lisa shook her head and picked at her food, uncharacteristically quiet.

“How about a meal?” I said.

“That’s a brilliant idea,” Kayleigh replied with a grin. “You can invite Hayden.”

“What?” Dad and I cried at the same time.

Surprised at our reactions, she said to Dad, “Well surely we should get to know Selena’s boyfriend?”

I gaped at Kayleigh. “He’s not my boyfriend.” Was he?

Not believing me, she said, “Well you should invite him anyway, Selena.”

Dad looked like he wanted to protest but he could never say no to Kayleigh.

“Fine. Tonight?”

“Why not?” Kayleigh smiled.

I sighed and sent Hayden a text.

Dad, Kayleigh, Lisa and I are going out for dinner. Kayleigh wants you to come too. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Why wouldn’t I want to? Do you not want me to? H.

Part of me did want Hayden to come but part of me found the idea of us all going out for dinner embarrassing.

Yes and no. I love spending time with you but it’s going to be embarrassing.

Don’t worry I’ll behave myself ;) H.

It’s not you I’m worried about embarrassing me. Anyway, is it even possible for you to behave? =p

Ouch. You’re so mean to me. I don’t know why I put up with you. H.

Fighting the urge to smile, I sent a reply. Me neither.

I glanced up from my phone to find everyone staring at me. “What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Kayleigh replied cheerily.

Dad however was looking very unhappy.



Hayden was already stood outside the restaurant when we got there.

“I thought he said he was twenty one,” Dad said to me with a frown. “He looks about thirty five.”

“He’s been under a lot of stress at work,” I lied.

Dad grunted.

“Good evening,” Hayden greeted us. “Thank you for inviting me.” He kissed Kayleigh on the cheek and held out a hand to Dad who reluctantly shook it.

It started raining so we all went inside.

“Hello, Selena,” Hayden murmured, slipping an arm around my waist as we waited to be seated.

“Hey.” I smiled up at him.

We followed a waiter to a table and sat down. Hayden was beside me and a preoccupied Lisa sat opposite.

“I haven’t been here before,” Kayleigh commented, opening up her menu. “I hope the food is good.”

“You enjoyed your meal when we came here, didn’t you?” Hayden asked me.

Blushing, I muttered, “Yeah, it was nice.” We were in the Italian restaurant where we’d had pizza together.

I pinched Hayden’s leg and glared at him. Amused, he squeezed my knee under the table. Dad’s eyes were narrowed at us.

Normally Lisa wouldn’t shut up but it was a struggle to get her to say anything throughout the meal. Kayleigh and Hayden did most of the talking. I didn’t speak much. Hayden’s hand was on my thigh, caressing it with his thumb which was distracting.

I disappeared to the bathroom while we were waiting for dessert to arrive. A woman was sat by the sink when I left the cubicle. She stared at me while I washed my hands before drying them, feeling uncomfortable.

“So it’s true.” Her voice was rough and she had short, spiky blonde hair.

Ignoring her I went to leave but a hand clamped on my arm and the next thing I knew I was being shoved through the small window.


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