Dark Longing

Selena Abbott discovers that she isn't what she thought she was and neither was her mother.
Plunged into a dark world will Selena be able to resist the darkness or will she give in to the dark longing?


17. Chapter Seventeen: Not a Date

The first time Hayden had taken me to his flat I had been unconscious. Now, however, I was awake and very, very nervous. I gazed out of the window aware that my right leg was jiggling up and down. My eyes were fixed on the bright moon as I attempted to calm my breathing. Why hadn’t I put up more resistance when Hayden had ushered me into his flashy car? Why did he even want to spend time with me? Was he hungry? Did he want to feed on my soul?

A hand rested on my knee, squeezing it gently. “What’s wrong?” Hayden asked. “You’re not scared of being alone with me, are you?”

“What?” I whipped my head around to face him, hurting my neck in the process. I rubbed it, saying, “No, of course not.” I hoped that Hayden didn’t notice the way my voice raised an octave.

Hayden left his hand on my knee, removing it only when the car was parked outside his apartment building. He walked around to my side of the car and opened the door for me, holding out an arm for me to take. I ignored it. Smirking, Hayden laced his fingers through mine, gripping my hand so tightly that I couldn’t reclaim it. I knew that Hayden was watching me so I avoided looking at him. He pulled me over to the lift and pushed the call button with his elbow seeing as his other hand had the DVDs in it. The doors opened and we stepped inside. We seemed to take forever to reach Hayden’s floor. My breathing sounded abnormally loud which probably had something to do with the way Hayden’s thumb was tracing patterns on the back of my hand.

“Are you hungry?” he asked when we exited the lift.

I shrugged. “Not really.”

Sliding the DVDs under his arm, Hayden managed to open the door to his flat without letting go of my hand. He gently tugged me inside, closing the door behind us. “So you don’t want any ice cream then? I have several flavours you can choose from.”

The corners of my lips tugged into a smile. “Do you have a thing for ice cream or something?”

“I have two weaknesses and ice cream is one of them.”

“What is your other weakness?” The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.

Hayden’s purple eyes were smouldering and I felt like I might combust from staring into them for too long. I examined my surroundings, praying that I wasn’t bright red. The last time I had been here escape had been the only thing on my mind so I hadn’t paid any attention the interior. We were standing in a living area that opened out to an averaged sized kitchen. There wasn’t much in the way of furniture or decorations but it was modern and clean. There were two other doors leading off the living room, one of which had to be the bathroom and the other . . .

“I’m sure you remember the bedroom from your last visit?” Hayden murmured. His mouth was so close to my ear that a shiver ran down my spine. A hand brushed my waist as he asked, “Shall I put a movie on?”

I could only nod mutely and didn’t protest as Hayden sat me down on the shiny, black leather sofa. He reluctantly released his hold on my hand and disappeared into the kitchen. When Hayden came back he set two wine glasses and a bottle of red wine on the glass coffee table before gently placing a tub of cookie dough ice cream on my legs. There was a spoon already stuck in it.

“That’s my favourite,” I said surprised. “How did you know?”

“Just a guess,” he replied, sitting beside me. Hayden’s own tub was also cookie dough flavour. While we waited for The Matrix to begin, he poured me a glass of wine. I took a small sip before placing it back on the table. I wasn’t a huge fan of wine.

The film started and I slowly ate some ice cream. It took me a while to notice, but Hayden was moving closer to me little by little. It wasn’t long before our thighs were touching. Licking my spoon, I glanced at Hayden out of the corner of my eye. He was watching the movie but his mouth was twitching as if he was struggling not to smile. The movie progressed and without meaning to I relaxed, so much so that I didn’t even notice when Hayden slipped an arm around me. When the film ended I was leaning against him, my eyelids drooping.

“You want to watch the other one?” Hayden asked, stroking my arm.

“What time is it?” I rubbed my eyes and hid a yawn.


Jumping to my feet, I cried, “What? I’m supposed to be back home by now.” I had sent Dad a text after work to say that I was going over to a friend’s house and he had told me to be back before twelve.

“Don’t worry, I’ll drive you.”

The journey to my house was silent and as soon as Hayden stopped the car I went to leave but he grabbed my hand.

“What are you doing this weekend?”

Distracted because I was already thinking up all the ways Dad was going to punish me for getting home late, I replied, “I’m not sure, homework probably.”

“I would like to see you again,” Hayden said.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” I replied quietly.

“Why not?”

I searched my tired brain for a suitable answer but couldn’t find one. Tearing my hand from Hayden’s grip, I hurried to get out of the car, telling him, “This wasn’t a date.” I sprinted to the front door worried that Hayden would appear.

“Where have you been?” Dad asked from where he was sat in the living room. “I said before midnight, Selena.”

“I know and I’m really sorry,” I apologised, wanting to just curl up and fall asleep. “It won’t happen again.”

“You were you with?”

“Just a friend.”

Seeing that I wasn’t going to elaborate, Dad grunted. “Alright, off to bed.”

I dragged myself upstairs and flicked the light on in my room. After brushing my teeth I closed my curtains and changed into some pyjamas. I was about to climb into bed when there was a knock on my window. I froze, wondering if I’d imagined it but then there was another tap. Was it Hayden? I hesitated but then told myself to stop being a chicken and pulled back the material. It was Ash.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Let me in.” He grinned, brown hair messy from the wind.

I stepped aside to let him in, shutting the window behind him. “Ash, why are you here?” It wasn’t that I was unhappy to see him, just that it was late and I needed sleep.

“I wanted to make sure that you got home alright,” he replied, making himself comfortable on my bed.

Sighing, I joined him. “You didn’t need to do that.”

“How was your date?” Ash picked up one of the many cushions and trailed a finger over the embroidery.

“It wasn’t a date. Hayden just said that to annoy me.”

“What did you do?”

“We ate ice cream and watched a movie.” I would have made a comment on the fact that I never asked Ash what he did with Marie but I was too exhausted.

“Want to watch TV?”


We pushed ourselves up so that we were resting against my headboard and I switched the TV on, lowering the volume so that Dad wouldn’t hear. It wasn’t long before my eyes drifted shut and I couldn’t be sure if the hand brushing my cheek was real or not.

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