Dark Longing

Selena Abbott discovers that she isn't what she thought she was and neither was her mother.
Plunged into a dark world will Selena be able to resist the darkness or will she give in to the dark longing?


4. Chapter Four: Dream

“Selena?” called Kayleigh, knocking on my door.

Closing my laptop, I told her to come in. Kayleigh was Lisa’s mum and my stepmother. She was blonde and petite, or at least she would have been if she wasn’t eight months pregnant. Sitting down beside me on the bed, Kayleigh rested a hand on her swollen stomach.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” she asked, radiating concern. “Your dad told me about what happened.”

Upon returning home, I’d given Dad a brief summary of my second encounter with the purple eyed man. He had been alarmed but seeing that I was okay, Dad hadn’t bombarded me with questions. Lisa however had. Eventually having enough, I had gone to my room. Fortunately, Lisa knew to leave me alone when I disappeared to my room. Kaylee had been asleep when I’d got back so Dad must have told her what had happened when she woke.

“I’m fine.”

Brushing the hair from my face, Kayleigh said gently, “Do you want to talk about it?”

I shook my head and looked away. What I wanted was to go to sleep and forget about what had happened.

“Did he hurt you?”

Glancing up, I saw tears in Kayleigh’s eyes. Carefully drawing her into a hug, I said, “No he didn’t.”

Kayleigh wiped her eyes and stood up. “I should go. You must be tired. Sleep well, Selena.” Leaning down, she kissed my head.

“Thanks for checking on me,” I said. I really was grateful. Kayleigh was a wonderful person. I was glad she and Dad had married.

Smiling at me, Kayleigh reached for the door handle. “You’re welcome. Goodnight, sweetie,” she said.

Once Kayleigh left the room, I opened my laptop up. I had been staring at a search engine for several minutes before she had knocked on the door. What could I type though? Violet eyed man and strange murders? Sighing, I turned the power off and put the laptop on my desk. I needed to forget about the man, to force him from my thoughts. I was assuming that he wasn’t human because of the strange things that had happened, but what if he was just a psycho who used tricks and contact lenses to appear as something he was not?

Shaking my head, I rubbed my eyes. I was giving it far too much thought. Drawing the curtains I got ready for bed.



“Hurry up, Mummy!” I cried, running towards the forest edge. “You’re being too slow!”

Laughing as she locked the car door, Mummy said, “You’re just too fast for me, Selly. Don’t go any further or I’ll never catch up.”

I jumped up and down, my red boots kicking at the piles of brown leaves. “You’re slow because you’re old!”

“Got you!”

I screamed in delight as Mummy wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek.

Scooping me up into her arms, Mummy said, “Old am I? If I was so old I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

Mummy ran into the forest, holding me tightly against her chest. After a while she stopped and gently dropped me onto the ground. Out of breath, Mummy tickled me. “You’re heavy, Selly. I don’t think you should have pudding anymore.”

Tears welled in my eyes as I sat up. Then I saw her grin. “You bully!” I cried, flinging leaves at her. Scrambling to my feet, I sprinted deeper into the forest.

“Don’t go too far!” Mummy called after me.

I wandered around for a while looking at the tree roots. Becoming bored I tried to find Mummy.

“Mummy!” I shouted. “Where are you? Come play with me!”

Weaving through the trees, I stopped when I saw a man. He was facing away from me. He was wearing a hat and I couldn’t see his face. The man was standing over a woman. My mummy. She looked like she was lying down. Was she having a nap? Silly Mummy. Her eyes were open. They were staring at me. Mummy didn’t blink. I was starting to feel frightened.

“Mummy?” I said, giving a sob.

The man turned around.



“Wake up, Selena. It’s just a bad dream.”

Blinking, I realised that Dad was sitting over me.

“What?” I asked confused. Sitting up, I spotted Lisa hovering in the doorway. My chest was heaving and I was covered in sweat.

“You were screaming,” Dad told me. He looked shaken. “It was horrible. I couldn’t wake you up.”

A sob escaped my lips and Dad pulled me into a hug. “I saw . . . I saw Mum,” I whispered. Closing my eyes I clung to him. “We were in the forest and . . .”

“It was the day that she died?” asked Dad, his voice quiet.

Nodding, I wiped my nose on my sleeve. “There was a man standing over her. He turned around and I woke up.”

Stroking my hair, Dad said, “You’re safe now. No one will hurt you.” His hold was comforting and warmed me up, chasing away the chill that had fallen on me. “Are you alright now?” He let me go and got to his feet. “Try and get back to sleep.” Kissing my head, Dad gave me a sad smile before leaving the room. Lisa disappeared as well.

Lying back down, I drew the covers tighter. My pulse had calmed down but I couldn’t forget the image of my mum’s lifeless eyes staring up at me.

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