Dark Longing

Selena Abbott discovers that she isn't what she thought she was and neither was her mother.
Plunged into a dark world will Selena be able to resist the darkness or will she give in to the dark longing?


5. Chapter Five: Reckless

“Selena, there’s a letter for you,” called Dad from downstairs.

Closing my book, I got out of bed and pulled my dressing gown on. Shuffling to the hallway, I rubbed my tired eyes. I hadn’t been able to sleep after my nightmare and was feeling low. A nondescript white envelope was waiting for me on the table in the dining room. I didn’t recognise the writing.

“Morning,” said Lisa. She was sat at the table eating a bowl of cereal. Lisa’s blonde hair was in a messy ponytail.

Feeling her eyes on me, I moved into the kitchen before opening the letter.


Café Eden 12 o’clock. I have your phone.



I stared at the paper blankly. My phone? Who could possibly have my phone? A chill ran down my spine and the letter slid from my grasp. The purple eyed man. He had taken my mobile when I’d been calling an ambulance. How the hell had he gotten my address?

“Everything alright?” asked Dad, coming in through the back door. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Who’s the letter from?”

Quickly picking the letter up before he could grab it, I stuffed it into my pocket. “It’s nothing important,” I replied vaguely.

Dad regarded me for a moment before shrugging and saying, “I’m going to the DIY store. Do you need anything while I’m out?”

“No thanks.” I took a yoghurt pot from the fridge and sat down opposite Lisa.

Dad disappeared upstairs, presumably to say bye to Kayleigh.

“What did they letter say?” asked Lisa, trying and failing to conceal her curiosity.

Not replying, I slowly ate my yoghurt. What did the man want? Surely if he just wanted to return my phone to me he would have sent it in the post. Why did he want to meet face to face? More importantly, was I going to go? Normally I would never have considered meeting with a known murderer but my phone was only a few months old and had been an expensive Christmas present. Dad would flip if he knew I’d lost it. But was it worth risking my safety over?



I was being uncharacteristically reckless. There was something about the violet eyed man that piqued my interest and my curiosity. I was acting like Lisa, I decided as I made my way to the café, and that was not a good thing. Lisa did stupid things like climb out of a window to see a guy who had slept his way through nearly all the girls in our college.

Café Eden was a relatively modern establishment. There were potted plants in the doorway and all of the walls had ivy painted on them. I sat outside at a table for two. My hands were shaking so I picked up a menu and browsed through it. Becoming hot, I removed my jacket, aware that I was sweating heavily. Minutes ticked by and my heart rate increased. What on Earth was I thinking coming here? The man was probably planning on kidnapping me and doing to me what he had done to those poor women.

Standing up, I grabbed my jacket and turned to leave only to find myself gazing into a pair of purple eyes.

“You’re not leaving are you?” asked the man, his lips drawing into a smile. “I’m sorry I’m late.”

My knees had grown weak. Unable to stand, I sunk down into my seat. After pushing my chair closer to the table, the man sat down opposite me.

“Have you ordered yet?” he asked, flipping through the menu.

Gulping, I managed to say in a hoarse voice, “No, I . . . I haven’t.”

“Do you know what you want?”

I found myself taking in the man’s appearance. It was the first time I had seen him in daylight. His blond hair was messy and his skin was tanned, almost darker than mine. He was wearing jeans and a red and black checked shirt. He didn’t look like a murderer. In fact, he was rather good looking.

Glancing up at me, the man’s eyes met mine. Flushing red, I focused on my hands which were resting on the metal table.

“Selena, you’ve gone as red as my shirt,” he said, obviously amused. “Care to share why?”

To my relief a waitress arrived to take our orders.

“I’ll have the Parisian panini and a beer. What do you want, Selena?”

Agitated, I said sharply, “I didn’t come here to eat. I just want my phone back.”

Sighing, the man told the waitress that I would have the same as him but with a soft drink instead of the beer. When the waitress had gone back inside, the man said, “Didn’t you find it interesting that I wanted to meet with you during the day and not at night? I’m trying to show you that you can trust me.”

“Trust you?” I repeated with a small laugh. “How can I possibly trust you? I don’t even know your name for a start.”

“It’s Hayden.” He smiled.

“Sure it is,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Is Hayden your real name?”

Leaning back in his seat, he tapped his long fingers on the edge of the table. “It’s one that I’ve gone by for a while.”

“Just give me my phone,” I demanded, holding out a hand.

Withdrawing it from his pocket, Hayden played with my mobile. “You have no questions for me?”

“You won’t answer them.”

“I might.”

Arching an eyebrow, I said, “Really?”

“Ask away.” Hayden grinned.

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