Peace One Day

This poem was inspired by the work of the Peace One Day organization. Please watch the link to find out more.


1. Peace One Day


Teach me how to love the world

Let it not be a lesson in vain

If the fog of cruelty does not lift,

I cannot go back again.


To see the soul so trapped in a body

Does damage I cannot explain

Tears shed from crimson eyes

Each drop a gift of pain


If we can believe in one thing

Why can’t that thing be peace?

Let’s open up the gates

And re-define release.


I’ll use the voice I was given

If you use the ears you own

Our way of life is a choice

Not something that can be shown.


Be your own guidance,

Consider what you truly believe

Exhale the bias

From the details you receive.


Lift the fog of cruelty

Feel the wind raise your hair

You are able to make a change

Isn’t that enough reason to care?

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