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Why can't I open my eye lids? Why can't I move my lips? What is with the searing pain when I try? I move my hands to feel chains attached to my wrists. I could move them enough to slowly move my fingers over my lips. There were stitches that X-ed over my lips closing them so tight I couldn't breathe through them. I moved my hands over my eyes, similar stitches were there. I noticed there was one lose metallic thread, it pierced the tip of my finger the blood pooled out onto my cheek where I felt it slowly run down. I griped the tread, I started to weave it back through my left eye lid. It hurt more than I could ever imagine. But I couldn't scream through the stitches. I got to the end and not thinking, I pulled the last bit hard though my eye lid. I felt tears mixed with blood going down my cheek. Even though my lips were so shut tightly, the mixture seeped through the stitch onto my tongue. The taste was vile, but at least I could taste it.

I wiped away the tears and blood over and over again until it finally stopped I slowly opened my left eye, it was dark in the space I was in, and it was so small. I couldn't stretch my legs out or reach my arms straight over my head. I moved my hands, sliding my fingers over my head to feel something solid. I was most likely in a little compartment under the floor board. This is more common in older houses. I moved my hands to see how far this compartment reached out, I found a small nick just to right of my head. I put the tips of my fingers into it seeing if it would lead to a way out. As I touched inside I regretted my actions. The space was slimy; I couldn't explain it so I just brought down my hand.

I couldn't see but I could feel that my legs were bare. My hips did have that cotton feeling that indicating my panties were still there, unlike my pants or shirt. my stomach was as bare as my legs i slid up my side to feel my bra was still attached to my body. My bra was still plastered to my skin. I must have been here for quite a while, because the wire in my bra was cutting up into my skin.

Suddenly a flash of light comes over me. My eyes had to adjust even though one of them was still stitched shut. The red glow through my eye lid even had to be gotten used to. This leads me to believe I haven't seen light in a long time.

"Oh, my dear, your stitches have come undone let me fix them," A strange man said overhead I stared as he left my field of vision out the side into the side entrance.

I tired to get up but that left me stuck wit my arms straitened and my hips i between the floor boards. I looked around it just looked normal; a house with a couch one side, a cream color like the walls, then on the other two armchairs. A turquoise color that drew the color together between the wall and floor boards. Between them there was a side table. I was about to turn around when the mantle over the fire place, it scared me. There was jewelry racks from one side to the other. There were 10 racks. On each there were at least 9 different articles of jewelry.

"My dear, it looks like you have noticed my collection," he puts a bag down on the closest arm to the doorway, and picks up the rack farthest from my left, closest to him still standing in the door way.

He picked up the first one a silver chain with a worn dark colored locket, he danced the cold metal across my face. Then he balled it and put it to his own face, closing his eyes, taking it in. He opened his eyes to take in this crude form of a prize.

"This was from my first kill, her name was Clara. She was seven a little cutie little darling blueish green eyes, dark red hair always in pig tails, but best of all was her little tutu she would never leave the hose not wearing it. She had the voice of an angel, she never raised he voice or cry, but with me she did both." He paused moving his longing gaze from the locket to me. "How will you react, sream? Cry? Both?" He said picking up the bag coming closer to me. 


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