How we came as one

This story is about an 18 year old girl,named Ava.Ava's parents died when she was 7,Ava lives now in quaint Bradford,England with her aunt Cher,uncle Marley and younger cousins,Vanessa and Kate.Ava is apart of the most valuable karate team in England,but she has a very exciting past,like from Twillight or something like that,but when she and her BFF get to win a date with 1D,Will she reveal all,or is it time to go back to Derek?


4. The trip

The next day during training Ava ran to Cassie."Cassie!" She called as she took the ticket and showed ehr friend." Yay!!!"Cassie said jumping up and down happily as she hugged Ava" Ok,squisin the ribs!"Ava panted as Cassie let go." Sorry,just One Direction!I can't wait!!"She exclamed as she ran down to the dojo and begun practising."Cassie." Ava murmured amused as she ran into the change room,to change her clothes.

((Sorry for such a short chapter!Busy right now:(Sorry guys!-M))
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