How we came as one

This story is about an 18 year old girl,named Ava.Ava's parents died when she was 7,Ava lives now in quaint Bradford,England with her aunt Cher,uncle Marley and younger cousins,Vanessa and Kate.Ava is apart of the most valuable karate team in England,but she has a very exciting past,like from Twillight or something like that,but when she and her BFF get to win a date with 1D,Will she reveal all,or is it time to go back to Derek?


7. Night in

Ava sat in the car with Zayn Niall and Cassie."This will be great!"Cassie said smiling as Ava rolled her eyes and looked outside as a flash of silver and red caught her eye.Oh,no she thought as the flash stopped infront of the car and dissapeared,"Woah!!"Niall exclaimed gripping the back of Ava's headrest."What was that?!"Zayn asked narrowing his eyes at it as Ava nervously looked at Cassie."Let's just forget about it,and get to the restaurant!"Cassie chirped as Zayn starteed the car again.


Ava sat down and nervously peered out the window of the restaurant,as Cassie sat next to her."Is it him?"She asked quietly as Niall showed Zayn something on his phone."Yes."Ava murmured feeling scared.



Once they got back to Ava's house,as  Kate leapt off her horse."ZAYN!!!"Kate called as her wavy light hazel hair bounced off her shoulders as she ran,with Nessa trailed behind."Great,celebrities coming over making Kate flip."Nessa muttered as she pushed her horse Sterling,a light silver Stallion with black socks and a dark grey snip on his nose,making a light brown mare with white splotches trot behind."Kate!you left Splash."Ava sighed as she paet Sterling."Hi guys!"Kate squealed as she hugged them both."I love all of you guys!!"Kate exclaimed."Sorry."Nessa said acting all responsible for a 13 year old,but she loves 1D too.But hides it well."Go untack the horses,it's too late to ride now with what's been happening."Ava scolded thinking of how her aunts hores Miranda was shot in the pasture at this time."Sorry."Kate and Nessa mumbled as they led the horses into the barn."Well,uh bye!"Ava said."FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM!!!"Cassie called as Niall gave a thumbs up and they drove off."What fun!!!"Cassie squealed as they went inside.

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